Activity Monitoring

Activity monitoring is based on body movement – telling kids in a fun and easy way how active they are throughout the day. Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, the wrist units are ideal for younger children and are all your students will need to measure their daily activity. Without needing a chest strap, the wrist unit activates automatically when they start moving – whether it’s running, jumping, throwing, swimming, or playing.

Benefits of activity monitoring include

  • 24/7 measurements of students’ daily activity, sleep time included
  • Effective motivation through instant feedback encourages students to be active
  • Simple to create long-term reports of students’ activity levels
  • Allows you to objectively evaluate your students based on their performance
  • Helps you teach your students the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle

Activity zones
The Polar Activity Monitor divides all activity into five different zones and displays students’ level of effort in an easy to understand way: so the more vigorously they exercise, the harder the little character works on their wrist unit. The below table shows the different zones and example activities for each.

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