Since 1977, Polar has been at the cutting edge of advanced sports technology, which comes to life in our groundbreaking products. Here are a few of our world’s firsts that we’ve launched throughout the years.

1977Fingertip heart rate monitor, Micro Heart PulserBattery operated fingertip heart rate monitor developed in University of Oulu Electronics Laboratory.
1977First patentPolar files its first patent for fingertip heart rate monitoring
1978Tunturi PulserCompany’s first retail product, the Tunturi Pulser, is launched.
1982Sport Tester PE2000The world's first wireless wearable heart rate monitor, the Polar Sport Tester PE2000 is launched.
1984Sport Tester PE3000Featuring an integrated computer interface, the Polar Sport Tester PE3000 is introduced, giving users the ability to view and analyze their training data on a computer for the first time. This is also the first time when heart rate monitoring is introduced as an objective tool to monitor health benefits in physical education.
1985First patent for wireless heart rate measurementPolar files its first patent for wireless heart rate measurement in 1983. Patent is granted two years later.
1986Analysis softwareHeart rate analysis software for IBM PCs is released.
1987Sport Tester PE300The first product for keen amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the Sport Tester PE300 introduces the Target Zone feature, simplifying effective heart rate based training.
1990CyclovantageSpeed and distance measurements are combined with heart rate in the Polar Cyclovantage cycling computer, providing cyclists with the most complete overview of their performance yet.
1991Training analysis softwareWindows-based training analysis software, Polar HR Analysis 4.0, is released.
1992T40The T40 integrated one-piece transmitter is introduced. The transmitter is sealed, making it water resistant and therefore usable in any condition.
1995Vantage NVThe first wrist-based, wireless heart rate monitor to feature R-R recording with relaxation display is launched, giving athletes a much deeper insight in to their current physical condition and allowing them to measure the effect of their training load
1995OwnCode®Polar OwnCode® coded transmission is introduced to heart rate transmitters, eliminating interference from other training computers in close proximity.
1997OwnZone®Polar OwnZone® is introduced. A unique feature that automatically determines the ideal heart rate zone for each workout, providing easy guidance for safe and effective training.
1998Overtraining testAn overtraining test is introduced into the Polar Precision Performance 2.0 analysis software, enabling athletes to effectively monitor their training recovery cycle for the first time.
1999OwnIndex®Polar OwnIndex®, a result of a unique rest-based test that measures changes in the timings between heart beats. Now accurate and simple way to measure cardiovascular fitness and track progress is available for anyone.
2000TriFIT® and BodyAge® systemsThe Polar TriFIT® and BodyAge® systems are launched, providing accurate assessments of overall health and fitness levels by measuring biological age versus chronological age.
2001Heart rate monitor for team sportsPolar Team System is introduced as the first heart rate monitor based training system for team sports, giving coaches the ability to assess, test, and track performance data from players.
2001Polar Personal TrainerPolar Personal Trainer, first published in 1999, is relaunched with the possibility to upload personal training data online. This is the first significant training analysis service available online completely free of charge.
2002WearLink® transmitterThe first soft textile chest strap transmitter is introduced.
2003S1 foot podWireless connection with a foot pod brings real-time running speed and distance measurement to a Polar training computer.
2003OwnOptimizer®Polar OwnOptimizer® is introduced to give users an immediate and easy-to-understand measurement of the effects of their training.
2004AXN-seriesThe Polar AXN-series of outdoor computers is launched, uniquely combining compass, altitude, heart rate and energy expenditure measurements.
2004Polar Keeps U FitPolar Keeps U Fit is introduced, offering a customizable workout programs based on the user’s personal fitness data and telling how hard and how long one needs to exercise to reach one’s personal goals.
2005World’s first integrated training systemThe world's first integrated training system is launched. A combination of Polar technology with sports apparel.
2006Polar RS800Running cadence, stride length, and Running Index measurements are introduced.
2006Polar ProTrainer 5ProTrainer 5 software is released, giving athletes detailed feedback and analysis as well as the ability to create and upload training plans to their Polar training computers.
2007Polar AW200 activity watchNew activity technology is introduced to measure activity through body movement.
2008Polar Team² ProThe next-generation group heart rate monitoring system for coaches is launched introducing real-time measurement of training load.
2008Polar EnergyPointerEnergyPointer calculation incorporated into the Polar FT40 to show if the main effect of training is fitness improvement or fat burning.
2008Polar STAR Training ProgramPolar FT60 and FT80 feature Polar STAR Training Program that tailors an aerobic training program with weekly targets based on the user’s personal settings and goals.
2009Polar Cardio GX systemNew group exercise solution is introduced for fitness and health clubs. Club members’ finally get a chance to get individual instruction based on heart rate to maximize class benefit, while instructors get real time feedback on members’ training intensity when it matters.
2010Polar CS500Polar CS500 introduces the two-way rocker switch for easier navigation and effortless control even at high speeds. The rider can quickly and safely operate their cycling computer by gently touching the left or right side of the handlebar unit.
2010Training loadAlready familiar in team sports, the Training load feature becomes available in the online training diary at This easy view tells at a glance how hard the training session was and how much time is needed for a complete recovery.
2010Polar ActivePolar Active activity monitor for children and youth is launched. The patented accelerometer technology allows schools to guide students to fulfill necessary daily activity target for health benefits.
2011RCX5Polar RCX5 brings a completely new spin to multisport training with its ability to switch from one sport to another swiftly, easily and without interrupting the training data recording - also in water. It’s a superior companion to triathletes and endurance athletes.
2011Endurance programEndurance program becomes available at the website, featuring smart training plans for running and cycling. They are easy to transfer to a heart rate monitor, so you can get guidance during every exercise you do.
2011ZoneOptimizerComing on the heels of the Endurance program, ZoneOptimizer is launched. Its patented heart rate zone optimization technology makes sure you're training at the right intensity depending on the current physiological condition of your body.
2011Kéo PowerThe world's first pedal-based power meter comes onto the market, making it easy for the cyclist to swap wheels or move the system between bikes.
2012ActivariumActivarium comes out. It's a fun and engaging game that encourages students to reach their daily activity target and helps teachers reinforce the benefits of being active.
2012RC3 GPSRC3 GPS hits the shelves. It brings together all the essential features of heart rate monitoring and more: it shows altitude and tracks route, speed and distance with a built-in GPS.
2012Training benefitTraining benefit, a new Smart Coaching feature, is released. It gives immediate feedback after each exercise as well as information about the benefits of the training session.
2012Polar BeatThe end of 2012 marks the launch of Polar Beat, the world’s smartest training app. You can plan and analyze your activity and better understand the impact of your workout at different intensity levels.
2013Team solution for indoor team sportsPolar Team is an easy-to-use app for tablets. It's designed for indoor sports and helps coaches give smarter guidance to athletes and learn about their performance.
2013Polar LoopThe Polar Loop activity tracker is brought into spotlight. Its patented motion analysis technology tracks all the moves you make during the day and shows how they’re good for you. It also reminds you when you’ve been still for too long and how much you're still missing from your daily activity goal.
2013Polar GoFit appPolar GoFit is rolled out, introducing a completely new way to follow, store and analyze students' heart rate information. It's an easy-to-use app for tablets.