At Polar we say ‘Every body has a story’. By helping people listen to their body and understand the story it’s telling them, we can help them improve their fitness and health goals. Joining the Polar team means you have the opportunity to help make their stories, and your story, a big success.

We are constantly looking for the most gifted individuals to join our global company. For us, it’s important that we find the right person for the right vacancy. That’s why we ensure that the candidate’s specific needs and expectations closely match the job requirements.

With interesting tasks, excellent resources, exciting benefits and a unique team spirit, it’s an ideal environment for candidates wanting to challenge themselves and develop their skills. And who knows, our next winning candidate could be you!

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Polar as an employer

So what is Polar like as an employer? Well, we’d like to think a good one. Just look at our continuous investment in employee development. Or the fact that, to us, the well-being of each team member is of the utmost importance. It’s all part of our dedication to finding new ways in which our employees can improve their skills and be motivated in their work.


System Architect for a permanent position

Application closing date

Job description
We are now looking for a system architect to be part of our architect team that designs and guides the development of Polar's training ecosystem. The heart of our ecosystem is Polar Flow with its multiple applications, components, integrations and databases. It serves currently millions of consumers all over the world and its growth rate is huge. The ecosystem also expands with new web services like Polar TeamPro, a coaching system for professional athlete teams. The growing usage and the continuous development of our offering in mobile and web provides an interesting challenges in future.

As the System Architect, you will be responsible for ensuring that the architecture can scale up to support our growth. You will be a key player in defining new features and applications. In this role you will design, lead and implement for Proof of Concepts to eliminate technical risk. You will also plan how the system components including training computers, mobile apps and web services communicates with each other. In the next development phases your role is to collaborate with software development teams and secure that their implementation follows the architectural guidelines set by you. In this role it's also important to continuously improve the architecture, remove bottle necks and make it more robust and scalable. Note that this is a highly technical, hands on role, where you are expected to code as well as lead.

Type of employment

- 10+ years of experience in Java-programming
- Experience in architecture design for the system that has thousands of simultaneous users and millions of transactions per day
- Experience with large-scale distributed systems (SOA, microservices)
- Experience with large databases in production, preferably MariaDB and Mongo databases
- Knowledge of messaging systems (JMS, AMQP) and Enterprise Integration Patterns
- Several years of experience in JEE Application Servers, Resin experience is preferred
- Knowledge of reactive dataflow programming
- Familiarity with search technologies including Solr and ElasticSearch
- Experience in project definition & management including estimation/budgeting
- Excellent communication skills in English

The position is located in Kempele, Jyväskylä or Leppävaara, Finland.

Further information
For further information please contact, tel. +358 8 5202431. Please send your application to by the October 18, 2015.

System Designer for a permanent position

Application closing date

Job description
The System Designer will work as a system designer in the System Definition Team. The System Designer will participate in Polar product and service development work and collaborate with other system designers, system architects, UI architects, scrum masters, researchers and product managers to develop user-friendly applications and functionalities in the Polar Ecosystem components, such as wrist computers, wireless sensors, tablet/smart phone applications and backend services. Especially, the technical definition tasks may relate to communication modeling of data flow and storage between the Polar Ecosystem components.

Type of employment

- Excellent understanding on importance of end-user requirements in consumer electronics, such as smart phones and watches and empathetic attitude to users' needs
- Understanding on wireless device and system interfaces, such as those relating to communication between local devices and network components
- Ability to gather, investigate and interpret data to understandable format and ability to communicate ideas and designs with other stakeholders
- Capable of understand the large-scale ecosystems and simultaneously focus on fine details
- Understanding on client-server models and architectures and communication models of system architecture components
- Excellent problem solving and communication skills. You own out-of-the-box and conceptual thinking
- A high degree of self-motivation and the ability to use existing information from technical specifications and scientific literature
- Planning/organizational skills: you are able to organize work, prioritize tasks and solicit support when appropriate to meet deadlines
- Good analytical and logical thinking capability
- At least M.Sc. level degree in computer science, mathematics, engineering, physics, biophysics or related art
- Excellent command of written and spoken Finnish and English

The position includes travelling and is located at Kempele, Finland.

Further information
For further information please contact Mr. Jyrki Schroderus tel. +358 40 700 9077. Please send your application to by October 15, 2015.