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Cycling Performance Test

Cycling Performance Test

Test Your Performance And Know Your Functional Threshold Power

Know where your cycling performance is and find out your personal functional threshold power. The Cycling Performance Test equips you with the data to personalise your power zones and make the most of each and every ride.

Not Too Hard, Not Too Light

Knowing your FTP will make it possible for you to plan your training sessions so that you'll always benefit from them.

Repeat Regularly & See Your Progress

The cycling performance test is easily repeatable. You can keep a close eye on the progress of your aerobic performance.

Choose Suitable Test Duration & Repeat

You can choose to do a 20, 30, 40 or 60 minute test. Stick to the same test duration to get the best comparison results.

Rev Up and Maintain Your Power Zone

When taking the test, find the maximum power you believe you can keep up for the duration of the test. We'll take care of the rest.

Power Meter & Controlled Conditions

You need to use power meter in the test. Indoor bike is the best option for taking the test because conditions are controlled and there are no hills or any other circumstances that may affect your performance.

The Science

Cycling performance test is based on Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan’s book Training and Racing with a Power Meter FTP protocol.

Read our whitepaper on the subject.

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How It Works

Start the test conveniently on your watch in the Tests menu.

You'll find instructions as well as your previous results in the menu.

Make sure the test conditions are always similar.

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