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See the real-time effect of your workout

Want to know the effect of your workout and get into shape faster with simple-to-use guidance? EnergyPointer gives you clear guidance based on your heart rate on whether you’re improving your fitness or burning fat.

Adjust intensity easily on-the-go

EnergyPointer visualizes the main effect of your workout in real time during your session. With EnergyPointer you can easily find the optimal fat burning zone during your workout or work towards improving your fitness.

Find your intensity zone

Your heart rate is a useful tool in determining a suitable training intensity for you. When you work out at a low intensity, your body utilizes more fat than carbohydrates to fuel your muscles. And when you increase the intensity, the relative contribution of carbohydrate as a fuel to your muscles will increase.

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The science

Several studies over the years have described the relationship between training intensity and fat oxidation. To assess the validity of EnergyPointer, Polar worked in collaboration with Human Performance Laboratory in Birmingham, UK.

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How EnergyPointer works

EnergyPointer automatically calculates the heart rate level on which the main effect of your training turns from fat burning into fitness improvement. To calculate EnergyPointer Polar trackers use your heart rate as well as your personal information of age, gender, height, weight, maximum heart rate and fitness level.

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Are you burning fat or improving fitness?

Facilitation of fat metabolism is important in both health-related and performance oriented exercise.

From weight management point of view physical exercise is the most essential part to reduce your overall body fat. Then again a professional athlete aims to optimize their endurance performance by improving the ability to mobilize and oxidize fat to spare reserves of carbohydrate.

Both EnergyPointer zones have their specific benefits, so you can vary your training with ease. Low intensity training has several health benefits, e.g. it increases fat oxidation. Training in higher intensity then again improves cardiovascular fitness, i.e. improves the ability of your heart to pump blood, increases blood circulation to muscles and lungs and improves endurance.