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Polar Club

Group heart rate tracking app with evidence-based results

Engage and motivate your members with Polar Club's real-time effort tracking based on scientifically validated and accurate Polar heart rate zones.

If you're looking for wearable technology designed for gyms, studios and fitness and health clubs, the Polar Club group fitness and gym heart rate app is the perfect solution to drive results and retention.

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Easier management, motivated members

Plan and schedule classes, train with live heart rate and create a group fitness experience that will keep your members coming back for more.

Easy class planning and management

Use cutting-edge tools to schedule and plan classes beforehand. Learn more

Real-time personalized performance data

Polar Club is the window to your members’ effort. Keep your class engaged and motivated with accurate real-time performance data, such as heart rate and calories burned. Learn more

Get an extra punch to your classes

Create a fun and positive workout environment and keep your members more engaged with individual and group rewards. Learn more

Reach your members outside the club walls

When you choose Polar Club for your club, your member's get access to the full Polar ecosystem where everything is connected.

Cutting-edge wearable technology at fitness clubs

Polar fitness trackers help you keep your members motivated and engaged also beyond your club’s walls. Learn more

The ultimate training platform

With extensive training planning and analysis tools, an automatic training diary, progress reports and much more, Polar Flow will help your members keep track of their progress. Learn more

Fully branded online community and app

Brand the Polar Club app to match your club’s style and create an engaging online community together with your club members. Learn more

Forerunner in fitness and health club wearable technology

Polar is the most trusted name when it comes to wearable technology designed for gyms, studios, fitness and health clubs. That's why leading industry brands rely on our solutions. Learn more

Improve member accountability and motivation and earn extra revenue

Polar fitness trackers help you keep your members motivated also beyond your club’s walls. Start selling Polar fitness trackers at your facility and earn extra revenue. Contact us to learn more.

Polar & Les Mills

Track Les Mills workouts with Les Mills sport profiles on Polar fitness trackers or Polar Club. Learn more

Connect Polar data to your club

With Polar Open AccessLink API you can create a direct information sharing link between the Polar ecosystem and your organization’s own data system. Learn more

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Class management and planning made easy

Easily schedule and manage your Polar Club classes on iPad with class templates and instructor invites. Plan ahead and create a personalized in class experience through real-time class targets and phased workout builder.

Polar Club gives you the tools for effective group exercise class scheduling and optimal workload planning, maximizing employee productivity.

Class templates

Want to schedule an all-out week of HIIT workouts or organize a calming collection of mindfulness sessions? No problem. With class templates you can conveniently create repeating classes straight on your iPad.

Instructor invites

Got an up and coming rock star trainer you want to assign to your group exercise class? Now it’s easier than ever – you can add new instructors through instructor invites on your iPad.

Real-time class targets

Effortless engagement on-the-go. Real-time class targets can be used as an on-the-go tool to set visual group goals to your class as well as guide members individually to achieve their best.

Phased workouts

Well planned is half done. With Phased workouts you can plan your GX classes in detail according to the individual heart rate zones. The informative and visual guidance is sure to inspire and motivate class participants to elevate their effort like never before.

Train smarter with Polar Club

Heart rate is the most accurate measure of workout intensity, recovery level and long-term progress. To make the most of your member's activities, it’s important to guide them to train at the right intensity.

With Polar Club, you can display your class’s real-time heart rate and other performance data during the class, so you’ll know exactly how hard each member is working.

When we say science, we really mean it. When you choose Polar you can be sure to deliver scientifically validated, accurate and evidence-based results to your members - so they can achieve more.

The gold standard of heart rate tracking

Polar heart rate tracking technology has been widely accepted as the gold standard in product comparisons and scientific studies. Our technology has been used in hundreds of scientifical studies over the years. Learn more

Draw motivation from rewards and challenges

When it comes to fitness, there’s no better way to lift spirits and get people’s hearts pumping than a little friendly competition. It’s also a sure way to give your members a healthy spike in motivation through positive peer pressure when they see how hard others are pushing in class.

Gamification through group rewards

Gamify your classes and encourage everyone to work as a group with group rewards, such as Zone Time and calorie trophies. Each reward will unlock an immersive animation on the big screen.

Individual rewards & feedback

The post-class summary is an informative tool for the instructor to guide members to success. It also features engaging individual rewards, such as Zone Master or Range Ruler, that boost motivation and retention.

Challenge accepted!

Polar Club Campaign allows you to easily set up and run an engaging competition between your members. Campaign ranking is based on how many training minutes members gather in Polar Club classes. The leaderboard helps you and your members follow who’s in the lead, and after the campaign period is over you can announce the winner and hand out the prizes.

Unrivalled connectivity

All Polar heart rate sensors and fitness trackers are compatible with the Polar Club app. Polar heart rate sensors, such as Polar H10 and Polar OH1, also broadcast heart rate to compatible fitness apps and gym equipment.

After a group exercise class or individual session your members’ workout summaries will automatically upload to Polar Flow, where all their training data is conveniently available on one platform.

3rd party apps

You can also automatically sync your training data to other services such as Strava, MyFitnessPal, Nike+, Google Fit, Endomondo and Apple Health.

Polar Beat

Polar Beat is a free fitness and training app that allows your members to easily plan, train, analyze and share their workouts. Polar Beat syncs all data to Polar Flow.

Achieve more with Polar Flow

Polar Flow is Polar’s online training platform that works seamlessly together with Polar Club as well as Polar fitness trackers and other services. Polar Flow will help your members reach their goals and feel more involved in their membership, which boosts motivation. Learn more

Data for your personal trainer too

Your members can share all their training data with their personal trainer, get instant feedback and plan their training program together with the free Polar Flow for Coach service. Learn more

Style Polar Club to match your club's appearance

Share information with your members, create engaging challenges and boost retention with a customizable premium visual appearance.

Create your own Polar Club experience to your members

In the Polar Club community you can share news and announce challenges to your member's and they can share and comment each other's accomplishments.

You can even personalize Polar Club to your own by adding your club logo, welcome photo, introductory text and welcome text, and by creating automated branded end-of-class summary emails.

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