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Activity Benefit

Activity Benefit

The more you move, the greater the health benefits

Activity Benefit tracks all your active choices during the day and shows how they help you to stay healthy on daily, weekly and monthly level.

Understand the effect of your activities

With Activity Benefit you can better understand your activity and its effects through motivating feedback. Activity Benefit gives you short and long term feedback on how your activity has improved your health and fitness and if you spent too many hours per day sitting. It also guides you to change your behavior to a healthier direction.

Get insights to be more active

Exercise is only one form of physical activity. Even if you are active and fulfilling or exceeding global physical activity recommendations, you can still sit too much or in too long periods. Activity Benefit gives you the facts to change your habits for better health.

The science

Activity Benefit is based on scientifically proven interactions between physical activity and health as well as sedentary behavior and health. Moreover, the feedback is based on international guidelines and research on the health effects of physical activity and sitting behavior.

Learn more about the science

How Activity Benefit works

Activity Benefit is based on time at different activity intensity zones, sitting time and interruptions in sitting. The core idea is: the more active you are, the more benefits you get!

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