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Help shape a healthy student body

Polar helps all students to reach their true potential. Motivate students with Polar physical education solutions that promote safety, motivation and accountability.

Polar Physical Education Solutions

Polar GoFit

  • Overview
  • Polar GoFit web service
  • GoFit App

Live heart rate monitoring

What you’ll need:

- Polar GoFit App
- User account on
- iPad 3rd generation or newer with Polar GoFit App
- Polar Heart Rate Sensors

Fitness Assessment

What you’ll need:

- Access to
- User account on
- A pre-determined test set-up is the Polar Education web service meant for students, teachers and administrators.

Create courses

Create heart rate courses to set targets and evaluate students objectively based on their performance.

Report and analyze

Create individual and group reports, track long-term progress for each student and class. Store student data and share it with parents and administrators through individual online logins.

The Polar GoFit App is an easy way to follow your students' heart rates online during a PE lesson. You can define a certain target zone for each lesson and see whether your students achieve the target. You can also alter the structure of your lesson in response to instant feedback from your students.

During the lesson you can guide them to stay within the correct zone and see their accumulated time within each zone. You can view this data for individual students or collectively from the entire class.

Learn and have fun

Heart rate monitoring is an easy and fun way for students to learn about the health benefits of staying in different target heart rate zones. The students can collect badges and motivate one another, giving a new dimension to their activity.

Compare and analyze

You can see summary data after the lesson and compare all ongoing courses you have. The data is saved automatically to for later analysis and evaluation.

What you need

All you need is an iPad with the Polar GoFit App, an Internet connection, a user account to and Polar heart rate sensors for the students.


Heart rate monitors, fitness trackers and GPS sports watches

Polar heart rate monitors are known globally for their durability and accuracy. Our selection gives you options to meet your classroom needs, from traditional chest straps to optical armbands and wrist units.


Healthier students, happier schools

Polar Physical Education Solutions are used in more than 10,000 schools in the US.

Below is a collection of our Showcase Schools. Click on the school logo to learn more.


Teacher’s Toolbox

The Teacher’s Toolbox includes documents that you can download and use for free.

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