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Polar Pros

Polar is proud to sponsor a diverse variety of athletes in number of different sports. Our main focus has been in cycling, Nordic skiing, marathon, triathlon, and football. We want to support each and every discipline with great determination to develop our product range to suit better their special needs and to increase the interest of these sports. In these sponsorship pages, we want to highlight some of our most successful cooperation.

  • Sebastian Kienle

    Sebastian Kienle

    2014 IRONMAN World Champion

  • Frederik Van Lierde

    Frederik Van Lierde

    2013 IRONMAN World Champion

  • Kaisa Sali

    Kaisa Sali

    5th IRONMAN World Championships 2017

  • Kaisa Mäkäräinen

    Kaisa Mäkäräinen

    2017/2018 World Cup winner in Biathlon

  • Alex Harvey

    Alex Harvey

    Professional cross-country skier. 2017 World Champion, 50 km freestyle

  • Tim Don

    Tim Don

    IRONMAN World Record 2017

  • Molly Huddle

    Molly Huddle

    Professional long distance runner. American record holder in the 10,000 m

  • Annie Thorisdottir

    Annie Thorisdottir

    Professional athlete and two-time fittest woman on earth

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