The Polar S3 Stride Sensor miniature footpod (included), uses cutting edge inertial sensor technology to sense your stride giving you your running cadence and average stride length, as well as pace, speed, distance and Running Index; so light and small you won’t even know you are wearing it.

Altitude, accumulated ascent and descent - ideal for route evaluation and profiling, when combined with running distance.

Multisensor capability means that you have a cutting edge multifunction bike computer on your wrist, just add the Polar CS Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. which like the other optional Polar CS Cadence Sensor W.I.N.D. accessory, is totally wireless, and you have the ultimate multisport training tool.

Route Tracking - add the optional Polar G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D. and you can record, share and view your track on Google Earth™

Training Planning - Plan your training and synchronise your training plan onto your wrist unit with all your personal settings, for ultimate control.

Computer Aided Training - Synchronizes with the Polar ProTrainer 5 software (included) to download, plan, track and analyse your training.

IR Data™ - connect to your computer uses high speed Infra Red port technology with bi-directional communication. (Polar IrDa USB Adaptor included). 

WebLink™ enabled - link your training summaries using IR Data™ technology to www.polarpersonaltrainer.com