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Polar GoFit

Heart rate monitor system for physical education

Make your PE classes smart, personalized and motivational for every student with Polar GoFit, the app that brings wearable technology to your PE lessons. Track your students’ effort in class in real time, guide each student on their individual level and easily keep track of their long-term progress.

New: Teach without limits

Select Polar watches allow you to record data with no range limitations. Learn more

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Try Polar GoFit for 30 days and find out how you can make PE more motivating and rewarding for every student.

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Smarter PE lessons

Polar GoFit brings the benefits of wearable tech and heart rate training to your PE classes.

Make PE personalized

With heart rate training you can help each student improve safely on their individual fitness level.

Gamify the PE experience

Keep your class in the flow from start to finish with real-time performance data and engaging reward badges.

Data you can count on

Our science-based heart rate tech gives you a reliable view to your students’ fitness without any guesswork.

Easier progress monitoring

All your students’ performance data is automatically collected and saved to help you keep track of your students’ improvement.

Objective assessment

With Polar GoFit, you have all the data you need for fact-based grading.

Find your fit from top wearables

Polar heart rate monitors are known globally for their durability and accuracy. Find the best option for your classroom needs, from traditional chest straps to optical armbands and wrist units.

New: Teach without limits

Select Polar watches allow you to record data with no range limitations. Learn more

Join the movement

Over 10 000 schools around the globe use Polar's education solutions to make PE smarter, personalized and more engaging.

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Real-time performance data

Track each student’s effort in real time with performance data, such as heart rate, intensity and calories burned.

Gamified experience

Motivate students during the lesson with visually engaging reward badges.

Offline data recording with select Polar watches

Teach your class without worrying about students going outside of range of the iPad running Polar GoFit.

Individual guidance for each student

Heart rate zones help each student make progress on their own level.

Easy progress monitoring and assessment

View your students’ long-term progress easily in the web service.

Structured classes

Set a target heart rate zone for your lesson and guide your students with the Polar GoFit app to achieve the wanted benefits.

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Never miss a beat

Teach your class without worrying about students going outside of the range of the iPad running Polar GoFit. This ensures you capture all your students’ data, no matter where they are. Offline data recording is available on Polar Unite, E-Unite, A370, E370, M200, Ignite, and Vantage Series watches.