How Polar Fits into Grants

Polar offers state-of-the art individual and group physical activity and fitness assessment technologies, including but not limited to products designed especially for personal fitness, athlete training, and use in schools. The overall case for these products is clear, and your interest in pursuing grant funding to obtain them evidences your commitment to fitness, overall health, and the improvement of both through objective data and data-driven decision-making.

So how does Polar fit into grants? We'll discuss a few common ways here, but talk with your Polar Sales Representative for more ideas about how Polar can best fit into your grant application based on your organization's specific needs, priorities, and project design.

Evaluation and Assessment: The most common way Polar products and services fit into grant projects is as tools for assessment of outcomes as part of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the grant project. Did you achieve the goals and outcomes you wanted to? For physical activity and fitness achievement outcomes for individuals and groups, Polar products are ideal assessment tools. As all tools are tested and proven effective, and all tools generate objective results, an evaluation that includes Polar products is an evaluation offering accurate, objective, measured, quantitative results! Funders look for evaluation plans with these elements! Think about the outcomes you want to achieve and how Polar can play a role in helping you evaluate them, and in doing so, contribute to your overall project evaluation plan.

Project Design: Depending on your project design and aims, Polar products and services can play a variety of important roles. For example, if you are looking to address grading and assessment inadequacies, Polar products are a strong fit for implementing objective measurement tools that will complement broader revised grading and assessment policies. If physical education (PE) teachers have lacked opportunities for professional development specific to their field in recent years, Polar trainings are an ideal response to teacher learning needs related to achievement of fitness and recommended amounts of physical activity, assessment, and technology. If your project aims to educate your target population about heart health, Polar heart rate monitors can offer the data, real-time feedback, and visual needed to drive these lessons home in a real and comprehensible way. If your project aims to increase physical activity time during PE, the broader school day, or during out-of-school time activities, Polar products offer an objective means for ensuring that each individual student is achieving the specific physical activity time and intensity aims you've set--and is motivated to do so by real-time feedback!

Project NEED: If you have some Polar products now but are hoping to obtain grant funding to expand the use of Polar within your organization, or you're looking for funding for other physical activity projects (such as funding staffing for a before or after school program that will offer students new opportunities for regular physical activity), leverage the data from your existing Polar products! Create a strong case for need by presenting objective data showing how much time and at which intensity levels students are active now and/or where student fitness levels are at currently and explain why those levels are inadequate compared to recommendations and standards, or compare the achievement of students using Polar products to those who do not have access to them yet!