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Grant Research Reports

This page offers links to reports of grant opportunities that could potentially fund Polar products and services. Two reports are available: a report of foundation- and corporation-funded grants and a report of government agency-funded grants. Reports contain both active and archived grants. Active grants are grant programs that have made awards in the recent past and/or which we expect will make awards within the next 12-18 months based on our ongoing research. Archived grants are grant programs for which new information has not been recently available, and for which new awards have not been recently made, but also for which some updated information has been available within the last four years. Archived grants are included to help you develop a clearer picture of the overall funding landscape for this topic area over the last four to five years.

Please use these reports to help you identify and begin planning for grants you would like to apply to now or within the next year for your Polar funding needs. Please note however, that while the reports include a substantial amount of grant opportunities, they do not represent an exhaustive list. Other opportunities that are good fits for your individual needs and project plan may be out there. Additionally, not all grants in the report will be applicable to your organization, and not all details about each grant have been included in the report. You should read the information in these reports carefully, and then visit the official grant program website and follow up directly with the funder for each grant you are interested in to ensure you are eligible and fully understand all rules and requirements for each grant you plan to pursue.

Grants Bulletin for K-12 Schools and Community-Based Organizations-Foundation and Corporate Opportunities
Grants Bulletin for K-12 Schools and Community-Based Organizations-Government Opportunities

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