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Olympic Medical Institute Validates Polar RS800 Running Computer And Training System

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

November 7, 2006 - Kempele, Finland

Polar Electro announced today that the preliminary findings from a validation study run by the Olympic Medical Institute of London report the unique features and technology in the RS800 Running Computer make it a very powerful training tool for athletes.

50 club runners volunteered to participate in a validation research project led by OMI Research Manager Dr Marco Cardinale, along with Research Assistant Anna Jackson. The aims of the study were to validate the novel features of the Polar RS800 running computer and work alongside Polar in refining the hardware and software. Some of the results will be presented in May 2007 at the American College of Sports Medicine annual conference which will be held in New Orleans.

“The feedback from OMI has been extremely valuable enabling us to refine the definition and application of key features in our product.” says Dr. Raija Laukkanen, Director of Exercise Science at Polar. “Their results show that runners consider Polar RS800 very useful and valuable for their training. Furthermore, the study shows that Running Index, one of the novel key features of the RS800, correlates directly with Cooper Test results and is a reliable method for analyzing improvements in running performance due changes in aerobic fitness and training technique.”

“Working on the project has given OMI staff a valuable insight into the new product and has provided POLAR with helpful information to further improve the impressive RS800.” said Dr. Marco Cardinale, Research Manager, Olympic Medical Institute. “The new running computer is now available at the OMI for athletes testing and future research projects. This will clearly benefit many of our Olympic squads as we work with them on training monitoring, improving the effectiveness of training sessions and helping to get athletes better prepared for competition.”

The Olympic Medical Institute already has plans in place to roll out the new training system to targeted athletes.

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