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Polar announces the launch of RS800CX

Monday, Eylül 15, 2008 Polar has launched RS800CX training computer which comes with GPS route mapping and multisensor compatibility. RS800CX is designed specifically for competitive and endurance athletes in multiple different sports. With the latest running, cycling and multisport accessories and advanced features, it is the most sophisticated training computer to exist. RS800CX is truly fulfilling the technical, aesthetic and ergonomic needs and desires of the most demanding high-performance athletes.

With its rugged GPS sensor, the RS800CX can record positioning information, which can be transferred to the Polar ProTrainer 5TM and can be viewed on Google Earth or any common GPS mapping software. Multisensor compatibility, for its part, makes RS800CX able to receive information from each of its optional sensors to record a wide range of performance details. In addition, the user can combine training files from different sports and view the total training data.

With the wide-ranging and unrivalled features of ProTrainer 5TM, RS800CX is the perfect solution for the most uncompromising athletes looking for an accurate way to measure, plan, monitor and analyze their training. On sale through authorized Polar retailers from September 2008, the RS800CX will be available in running, cycling and multisport sets. RS800CX is compatible with s3 stride sensorTM W.I.N.D., G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D., CS speed sensorTM W.I.N.D., and CS cadence sensorTM W.I.N.D.

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