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Polar Fitness Test

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Constantly bombarded with complicated and sometime contradictory messages about the best way to stay/get fit and healthy?

"Have I exercised enough?"

"What heart rate zones should I train at to improve my running performance?"

"At what intensity should I run at to achieve my goal?"

"What is my projected completion time for my 10km, 21km and 42km run"


How about some fitness test for more tangible gauge on your fitness level? The main idea of going for fitness tests is to get information about one's physical condition and to see the fitness level of the person. These tests are most useful when following individual progress by comparing new results to previous ones.

There are many costly and exhaustive laboratory test that offers very precise information on one's anaerobic and aerobic threshold, but it is often designed for professional athletes. The Polar fitness tests are affordable and easily available, yet offers the much needed information.



A.   Body Age Test

Many thought that having a couple of inches off their waist would feel good. Just imagine how great it would feel with taking a couple of years off the BodyAge score!

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B.   Conconi Test

The Conconi test (Conconi et al, 1982) is a simple non-laboratory field test that pinpoint training zones and identifies one's maximum anaerobic threshold, or AT, the point at which the body cannot manufacture sufficient energy by burning oxygen.

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- For athletes and fitness enthusiasts who would like to improve their performance.

Why you should come

-  To find out more about your body.

-  To find out your anaerobic threshold and the heart rate zone you should train at.

-  To see how you can improve the performance of your body.




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