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WearLink®+ Hybrid transmitter

WearLink®+ Hybrid transmitter picks up your heart’s signals and transfers that data into a compatible Polar training computer. The soft textile chest strap seamlessly adapts to your body shape, bringing full freedom of movement to your training. With its hook mechanism, the transmitter is just as quick to put on as it is to take off.

  • Uses both 5kHz and 2.4GHz W.I.N.D. transmission, ensuring that your heart rate signal is found at all times
  • 5kHz coded transmission allows you to see real-time heart rate on compatible gym equipment, making it ideal for use at home and fitness clubs
  • Transfers heart rate information also while swimming with products which support 5kHz transmission frequency *
  • Machine washable textile strap
  • User replaceable battery

* FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7, FT40, FT60, FT80, RS100, RS300X, RS400, RCX5, CS100, CS200, CS300

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