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תוכנת Polar Team2

התוכנה נועדה לספורט קבוצתי ואימון קבוצתי, ומהווה את המפתח למערכת Polar Team2.

Step 1: Manage Training

Team² software is specifically designed for team and group training management. This application includes comprehensive tools for planning your season. It provides you with the best possible features for monitoring real time heart rate information with analysis and reporting tools to get the peak performance out of your players.

Step 2: Plan

Create a successful season with a comprehensive planning and follow-up tool. The features included enable you to maximize the performance of each individual by providing you with a systematic training program to take your team through.

  • With Polar Team² Training Calendar you are able to create your season, with training periods and even create detailed training sessions.
  • Training Calendar includes a follow-up view for past weeks of training with an indicator for the recovery status of each individual player.

Step 3: Online Training

It’s all about optimizing your team’s training to reach the objectives. With Polar Team² software you are able to monitor each player’s effort in real time. This application provides you with a selection of different views for online monitoring. Planned training session guides you through the routines you scheduled for that session.

  • List View is a quick way of following comprehensively all the data collected from the players in one view.
  • Curve View enables you to have selected players’ heart rates visible in curve format. It includes Comparison curve to compare the efforts with past training in real time.
  • With Grid View you can monitor key online data of selected players at a glance, or bring up the information in full screen mode. You’re free to choose the primary information you’re observing with the Grid View.

Step 4: Analyze

This tool allows you to refine, modify, and save the collected data for further analysis and reporting. Easy access to the data is optimized through the search tool.

  • Complete session view allows you to instantly see what the overall effort of each individual was.
  • Details view gives you comprehensive information from that exact point of time in the data.
  • Summary view enables you to further mark, name, and save the phases you need in your reports.

Step 5: Share Reports

The source of all necessary information is Training Reports. The saved data can be easily found through the search tool which allows you to define and save the specified search criteria in order to create reports, share the information, and give feedback. All this can be viewed from individual or team perspective.

  • The software includes features for easy creation, sharing, and transferring of data.

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