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Since the first Polar heart rate monitor was developed in 1982, Polar Electro has been committed to conducting innovative physiological and sports medical research. In addition to our own research, Polar heart rate monitoring and analyzing technology has been used by numerous researchers in the fields of sports, exercise and health. In our Research Library you’ll find numerous articles about the research we and other organizations have carried out in relation to Polar products and exercise training.

The articles are listed under several different categories and are presented according to their published year. Complete reference information is given for each study, so the original work is easy to obtain from the library and reprint requests can be sent directly to the author.

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A novel virtual reality paradigm: Predictors for stress-related intrusions and avoidance behavior
Dibbets, P. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. doi:10.1016/j.jbtep.2019.01.001

Alterations in heart-brain interactions under mild stress during a cognitive task are reflected in entropy of heart rate dynamics
Blons, E. ; Arsac, L. M. ; Gilfriche, P. ; Mcleod, H. ; Lespinet-Najib, V. ; Grivel, E. ; Deschodt-Arsac, V. Sci Rep. 2019; 9: 18190

Analysis of Psychophysiological Stress Response in Higher Education Students Undergoing Clinical Practice Evaluation
Beltrán-Velasco, A.I., Ruisoto-Palomera, P., Bellido-Esteban, A. et al. J Med Syst (2019) 43: 68

Assessment of anxiety and stress markers in children submitted to educational strategies and ART-restoration: A randomized clinical trial
Salas Huamani, J. R., Barbosa, T. d. S., de Freitas, C. N., de Sousa, K. G., Gavião, M. B. D., Leal, S. C., . . . Castelo, P. M. Archives of Oral Biology January 2019, Vol.97, pp.191-197

Basal testosterone's relationship with dictator game decision-making depends on cortisol reactivity to acute stress: A dual-hormone perspective on dominant behavior during resource allocation
Prasad, S., Knight, E.L., Mehta, P.H. Psychoneuroendocrinology March 2019, Vol.101, pp.150-159

Being observed caused physiological stress leading to poorer face recognition
Hills, P. J., Dickinson, D., Daniels, L. M., Boobyer, C. A. & Burton, R. Acta Psychologica May 2019, Vol.196, pp.118-128

Biofeedback as a stress management tool: a systematic review
Kennedy, L., Parker, S.H. Cogn Tech Work 21, 161-190 (2019)

Biofeedback-Assisted Resilience Training for Traumatic and Operational Stress: Preliminary Analysis of a Self-Delivered Digital Health Methodology
Kizakevich, P. N ; Eckhoff, R. P. ; Lewis, G. F. ; Davila, M. I. ; Hourani, L. L. ; Watkins, R. ; Weimer, B. ; Wills, T. ; Morgan, J. K. ; Morgan, T. ; Meleth, S. ; Lewis, A.; Krzyzanowski, M. C. ; Ramirez, D. ; Boyce, M. ; Litavecz, S. D. ; Lane, M. E. ; Strange, L. B. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2019 Sep; 7(9): e12590

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Predicts Greater Vagal Autonomic Activity in Drug Users Under Stress
Cabral, D. A. R. ; da Costa, K. G. ; Tavares, V. D. O. ; Rêgo, M. L. M. ; Faro, H. K. C. ; Fontes, E. B. Subst Abuse. 2019; 13: 1178221819862283

Effects of acute stress on social behavior in women
Von Dawans, B., Ditzen, B., Trueg, A., Fischbacher, U. & Heinrichs, M. Psychoneuroendocrinology January 2019, Vol.99, pp.137-144

Effects of internet-based stress management on acute cortisol stress reactivity: Preliminary evidence using the Trier Social Stress Test for Groups (TSST-G)
Domes, G., Stächele, T., Von Dawans, B. & Heinrichs, M. Psychoneuroendocrinology July 2019, Vol.105, pp.117-122

Effects of psychological stress during exercise on markers of oxidative stress in young healthy, trained men
Mcallister, M. J., Basham, S. A., Waldman, H. S., Smith, J. W., Mettler, J. A., Butawan, M. B. & Bloomer, R. J. Physiology & Behavior 01 January 2019, Vol.198, pp.90-95

Emotional Reactivity, Emotion Regulation Capacity, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Traumatized Refugees: An Experimental Investigation
Spiller, T.R., Liddell, B.J., Schick, M., (...), Bryant, R.A., Nickerson, A. Journal of Traumatic Stress February 2019, Vol.32(1), pp.32-41

Examining reactivity patterns in burnout and other indicators of chronic stress
Wekenborg, M. K., Von Dawans, B., Hill, L. K., Thayer, J. F., Penz, M. & Kirschbaum, C. Psychoneuroendocrinology August 2019, Vol.106, pp.195-205

Exploration of psychological mechanisms of the reduced stress response in long-term meditation practitioners
Liudmila, G., Pierre-Yves, B., Guido, B., Matthias, K. Psychoneuroendocrinology (2019), 104, pp. 143-151

Gut microbiome patterns depending on children’s psychosocial stress: Reports versus biomarkers
Michels, N., Van de Wiele, T., Fouhy, F., O'Mahony, S., Clarke, G. & Keane, J. Brain Behavior and Immunity August 2019, Vol.80, pp.751-762

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Based on Slow-Paced Breathing With Immersive Virtual Reality Nature Scenery
Blum, J. ; Rockstroh, C. ; Göritz, A. S. Front Psychol. 2019; 10: 2172

Heidelberg Risk Sport-Specific Stress Test: A Paradigm to Investigate the Risk Sport-Specific Psycho-Physiological Arousal
Frenkel, M. O. ; Laborde, S. ; Rummel, J. ; Giessing, L. ; Kasperk, C. ; Plessner, H. ; Heck, R.-B. ; Strahler, J. Front Psychol. 2019; 10: 2249

How Does Exercise Improve Implicit Emotion Regulation Ability: Preliminary Evidence of Mind-Body Exercise Intervention Combined With Aerobic Jogging and Mindfulness-Based Yoga
Zhang, Y. ; Fu, R. ; Sun, L. ; Gong, Y. ; Tang, D. Front Psychol. 2019; 10: 1888

Interoceptive accuracy is related to long-term stress via self-regulation
Schultchen, D., Bayer, J., Kühnel, J., Melchers, K.G., Pollatos, O. Psychophysiology October 2019, Vol.56(10),e13429

Multidisciplinary Analysis of Differences Between Finisher and Non-finisher Ultra-Endurance Mountain Athletes
Belinchón-deMiguel, P. ; Tornero-Aguilera, J. F. ; Dalamitros, A. A. ; Nikolaidis, P. T. ; Rosemann, T. ; Knechtle, B. ; Clemente-Suárez, V. J. Front Physiol. 2019; 10: 1507

Observing Live Fish Improves Perceptions of Mood, Relaxation and Anxiety, But Does Not Consistently Alter Heart Rate or Heart Rate Variability
Gee, N. R. ; Reed, T. ; Whiting, A. ; Friedmann, E. ; Snellgrove, D. ; Sloman, K. A. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Sep; 16(17): 3113

Positive verbal feedback about task performance is related with adaptive physiological responses: An experimental study of the effort-reward imbalance stress model
Brooks, R. P., Jones, M. T., Hale, M. W., Lunau, T., Dragano, N. & Wright, B. J. International Journal of Psychophysiology (2019), 135, pp. 55-62

Sex differences in stress reactivity after intranasal oxytocin in recreational cannabis users
Reed, S. C., Haney, M., Manubay, J., Campagna, B. R., Reed, B., Foltin, R. W. & Evans, S. M. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior January 2019, Vol.176, pp.72-82

Stress and stressors of medical student near-peer tutors during courses: a psychophysiological mixed methods study
Hundertmark, J. ; Alvarez, S. ; Loukanova, S. ; Schultz, J.-H. BMC Med Educ. 2019; 19: 95

The Effect of Cultural Differences in Psychophysiological Stress Response in High Education Context: A Pilot Study
Beltrán-Velasco, A.I., Bellido-Esteban, A., Ruisoto-Palomera, P. et al. Appl Psychophysiol Biofeedback (2019).

The effects of psychosocial stress on intergroup resource allocation
Schweda, A. ; Faber, N. S. ; Crockett, M. J. ; Kalenscher, T. Sci Rep. 2019; 9: 18620

The Role of Anthropogenic Elements in the Environment for Affective States and Cortisol Concentration in Mountain Hiking—A Crossover Trial
Niedermeier, M. ; Grafetstätter, C. ; Kopp, M. ; Huber, D. ; Mayr, M. ; Pichler, C. ; Hartl, A. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Jan; 16(2): 290

Understanding mind-body disciplines: A pilot study of paced breathing and dynamic muscle contraction on autonomic nervous system reactivity
Chin, M.S., Kales, S.N. Stress and Health (2019), 35(4), pp. 542-548

Video Games and Stress: How Stress Appraisals and Game Content Affect Cardiovascular and Emotion Outcomes
Porter, A. M. ; Goolkasian, P. Front Psychol. 2019; 10: 967

Virtual reality in the application of heart rate variability biofeedback
Rockstroh, C., Blum, J., Göritz, A.S. International Journal of Human - Computer Studies October 2019, Vol.130, pp.209-220


Good decision-making is associated with an adaptive cardiovascular response to social competitive stress
Alacreu-Crespo, A.: Costa, R.: Abad-Tortosa, D.: Salvador, A.: Serrano, M. Á Stress 02 November 2018, Vol.21(6), pp.528-537

A comparison of stress perception in international and local first semester medical students using psychometric, psychophysiological, and humoral methods
Huhn, D.: Schmid, C.: Erschens, R.: Junne, F.: Herrmann-Werner, A.: Möltner, A.: Herzog, W.: Nikendei, C. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 01 December 2018, Vol.15(12), p.2820

Active coping moderates associations among race-related stress, rumination, and depressive symptoms in emerging adult African American women
Hill, L. K.: Hoggard, L. S. Development and Psychopathology 30 (2018), 1817–1835

Assessing mental stress from the photoplethysmogram: a numerical study
Charlton, P. H.: Celka, P.: Farukh, B.: Chowienczyk, P.: Alastruey, J. Physiological measurement 15 May 2018, Vol.39(5), pp.054001

Autonomic Adaption to Clinical Simulation in Psychology Students: Teaching Applications
Clemente-Suárez, V. J.: Beltrán-Velasco, A. I.: Bellido-Esteban, A.: Ruisoto-Palomera, P. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback 2018, Vol.43(3), pp.239-245

Autonomic changes induced by pre-competitive stress in cyclists in relation to physical fitness and anxiety
Oliveira-Silva, I.: Silva, V. A.: Cunha, R. M.: Foster, C. PLoS ONE Dec 27, 2018, Vol.13(12), p.e0209834

Can Nature Walks With Psychological Tasks Improve Mood, Self-Reported Restoration, and Sustained Attention? Results From Two Experimental Field Studies
Pasanen, T.: Johnson, K.: Lee, K.: Korpela, K. Frontiers in Psychology Oct 30, 2018

Child Autism Spectrum Disorder Traits and Parenting Stress: The Utility of Using a Physiological Measure of Parental Stress
Factor, R. S.: Swain, D. M.: Scarpa, A. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2018, Vol.48(4), pp.1081-1091

Distress Intolerance Moderation of Attention to Emotion: An Eye-Tracking Study
Macatee, Richard ; McDermott, Katherine ; Albanese, Brian ; Schmidt, Norman ; Cougle, Jesse Cognitive Therapy and Research 2018, Vol.42(1), pp.48-62

Does sleep deprivation increase the vulnerability to acute psychosocial stress in young and older adults?
Schwarz, J.: Gerhardsson, Andreas: van Leeuwen, Wessel: Lekander, Mats: Ericson, Mats: Fischer, Håkan: Kecklund, Göran: Åkerstedt, Torbjörn  Psychoneuroendocrinology October 2018, Vol.96, pp.155-165

Effects of heart rate variability biofeedback training in athletes exposed to stress of university examinations
Deschodt-Arsac, V.: Lalanne, R.: Spiluttini, B.: Bertin, C.: Arsac, L. M.  PLoS ONE July 26, 2018, Vol.13(7), p.e0201388

Effects of single-point acupuncture (HT7) in the prevention of test anxiety: Results of a RCT
Fleckenstein, J.: Kruger, P.: Ittner, K. P. PLoS ONE Vol.13(8), p.e0202659

Hearing laughter improves the recovery process of the autonomic nervous system after a stress-loading task: a randomized controlled trial
Fujiwara, Y.: Okamura, H. BioPsychoSocial Medicine Dec 21, 2018, Vol.12(1)

Heart rate variability and occupational stress—systematic review
Järvelin-Pasanen, S.: Sinikallio, S.: Tarvainen, M. P. Industrial health 21 November 2018, Vol.56(6), pp.500-511

Heart rate variability is associated with psychosocial stress in distinct social domains
Lischke, A.: Jacksteit, Robert: Mau-Moeller, Anett: Pahnke, Rike: Hamm, Alfons O.: Weippert, Matthias Journal of Psychosomatic Research March 2018, Vol.106, pp.56-61

Heart rate variability system in elite athletes with different levels of stress resistance
Korobeynikov, G.: Korobeynikova, L.: Potop, V.: Nikonorov, D.: Semenenko, V.: Dakal, N.: Mischuk, D. Journal of Physical Education and Sport Jun 2018, Vol.18(2), pp.550-554

Heart rate variability, salivary cortisol and competitive state anxiety responses during pre-competition and pre-training moments
Souza, R. A.: Beltran, O. A. B.: Zapata, D. M.: Silva, E.: Freitas, W. Z.: Junior, R. V.: da Silva, F. F.: Higino, W. P. Biology of sport March 2019, Vol.36(1), pp.39-46

Higher use of techniques studied and performance in melee combat produce a higher psychophysiological stress response
Diaz‐Manzano, M.: Fuentes, J. P. : Fernandez‐Lucas, J.: Aznar‐Lain, S.: Clemente‐Suárez, V. J.  Stress and Health December 2018, Vol.34(5), pp.622-628

Mitigating risk? Set-shifting ability in high threat sensitive individuals predicts approach behavior during simulated peer-rejection
Coifman, K. G.: Halachoff, D. J.: Nylocks, K. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology Sep 2018, Vol.37(7), p.481

Oral lactoferrin influences psychological stress in humans: A single-dose administration crossover study
Shinjo, T.: Sakuraba, K.: Nakaniida, A.: Ishibashi, T.: Kobayashi, M.: Aono, Y.: Suzuki, Y. Biomedical Reports 05/2018, Vol.8(5), pp.426-432

Recovery from stress: an experimental examination of focused attention meditation in novices
Borchardt, Amy ; Zoccola, Peggy Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2018, Vol.41(6), pp.836-849

State of the Art on the Use of Portable Digital Devices to Assess Stress in Humans
Bellido, A.: Ruisoto, P.: Beltran-Velasco, A.: Clemente-Suárez, V. J.  Journal of Medical Systems 2018, Vol.42(6), pp.1-5

The Effect of High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise on Chronic Stress and Potential Biomarkers: a Pilot Study
Lark, Sally ; Kurtovich, Rebecca ; de Terte, Ian ; Bromhead, Collete Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology Nov 2018, pp.1-8

The Effect of Physical and Mental Stress on the Heart Rate, Cortisol and Lactate Concentrations in Rock Climbers
Magiera, A.: Roczniok, R.: Sadowska-Krępa, E.: Kempa, K.: Placek, O.: Mostowik, A. Journal of Human Kinetics 01 December 2018, Vol.65(1), pp.111-123

The effects of yoga and quiet rest on subjective levels of anxiety and physiological correlates: a 2-way crossover randomized trial
Albracht-Schulte, K.: Robert-McComb, J. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Oct 17, 2018, Vol.18(1)

The impact of sedentarism on heart rate variability (HRV) at rest and in response to mental stress in young women
Zaffalon Júnior, J. R.: Viana, A. O.: de Melo, G. E. L.: De Angelis, K. Physiological Reports September 2018, Vol.6(18)

The role of stress-reactivity, stress-recovery and risky decision-making in psychosocial stress-induced alcohol consumption in social drinkers
Clay, J. M.: Parker, M. O. Psychopharmacology 2018, Vol.235(11), p.3243(15

Two-day fasting evokes stress, but does not affect mood, brain activity, cognitive, psychomotor, and motor performance in overweight women
Solianik, R.: Sujeta, Artūras Behavioural Brain Research 15 February 2018, Vol.338, pp.166-172

Use of Portable Digital Devices to Analyze Autonomic Stress Response in Psychology Objective Structured Clinical Examination
Beltrán-Velasco, A. I.: Bellido-Esteban, A.: Ruisoto-Palomera, P.: Clemente-Suárez, V. J. Journal of Medical Systems 2018, Vol.42(2), pp.1-6

Using Retrieval Cues to Attenuate Return of Fear in Individuals With Public Speaking Anxiety
Shin, K. E.: Newman, Michelle G. Behavior Therapy March 2018, Vol.49(2), pp.212-224


A Multidisciplinary Investigation of the Effects of Competitive State Anxiety on Serve Kinematics in Table Tennis
Ngo, V.: Hugh, R.: Kondric, M. Journal of Human Kinetics 01 January 2017, Vol.55(1), pp.83-95

A Randomized Crossover Trial on Acute Stress-Related Physiological Responses to Mountain Hiking
Niedermeier, M.: Gafetstätter, C.: Hartl, A.: Kopp, M. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 01 August 2017, Vol.14(8), p.905

A single session of hatha yoga improves stress reactivity and recovery after an acute psychological stress task—A counterbalanced, randomized-crossover trial in healthy individuals
Benvenutti, M. J.: Alves, Eduardo da Sliva: Michael, Scott: Ding, Ding: Stamatakis, Emmanuel: Edwards, Kate M. Complementary Therapies in Medicine December 2017, Vol.35, pp.120-12

Acute psychosocial stress and everyday moral decision-making in young healthy men: The impact of cortisol
Singer, N.: Sommer, M.: Döhnel, Katrin: Zänkert, Sandra: Wüst, Stefan: Kudielka, Brigitte M. Psychoneuroendocrinology September 2017, Vol.83, pp.71-71

Acute Stress Impairs Inhibitory Control based on Individual Differences in Parasympathetic Nervous System Activity
Roos, L. E. Knight, E. L.: Beauchamp, K. G.: Berkman, E. T.: Faraday, K.: Hyslop, K.: Fisher, P. A. Biological Psychology April 2017, Vol.125, pp.58-63

Aerobic training for improved memory in patients with stress-related exhaustion: a randomized controlled trial
Eskilsson, T. S.: Järvholm, L. S.: Malmberg Gavelin, H.: Stigsdotter Neely, A.: Boraxbekk, C. J. BMC Psychiatry Sept 2, 2017, Vol.17(1)

Allostatic load and heart rate variability as health risk indicators
Viljoen, M.: Claassen, N. African health sciences June 2017, Vol.17(2), pp.428-435

Assessment of heart rate variability during an endurance mountain trail race by multi-scale entropy analysis
Vallverdú, M.: Ruiz-Muñoz, A.: Roca, E.: Caminal, P.: Rodríguez, F. A.: Irurtia, A.: Perera, A. Entropy 2017, Vol.19(12), p.658

Attention bias towards negative emotional information and its relationship with daily worry in the context of acute stress: An eye-tracking study
Macatee, R. J.: Albanese, Brian J.: Schmidt, Norman B.: Cougle, Jesse R. Behaviour Research and Therapy March 2017, Vol.90, pp.96-110

Automated observation: Heart rate variability and its relationship with performance-related psychological variables in young swimmers
Ortigosa-Márquez, J. M.: Reigal, R. E.: Portell, M.: Morales-Sánchez, V.: Hernández-Mendo, A. Anales de Psicología 2017, Vol.33(3), pp.436-441

Blood pressure reactivity to mental stress is attenuated following resistance exercise in older hypertensive women
Gauche, R.: Lima, R. M.: Myers, J.: Gadelha, A. B.: Neri, S. G.: Forjaz, C. L.: Vianna, L. C. Clinical Interventions in Aging 01 May 2017, Vol.12, pp.793-803

Buccal telomere length and its associations with cortisol, heart rate variability, heart rate, and blood pressure responses to an acute social evaluative stressor in college students
Woody, A.: Hamilton, K.: Livitz, I. E.: Figueroa, W. S.: Zoccola, P. M. Stress 04 May 2017, Vol.20(3), pp.249-257

Chronic stress moderates the impact of social exclusion on pain tolerance: an experimental investigation
Pieritz, K.: Schäfer, S. J.: Strahler, J.: Rief, W.: Euteneuer, F.  Journal of Pain Research 01 May 2017, Vol.10, pp.1155-1162

Contributors to well-being and stress in parents of children with autism spectrum disorder
Costa, A. P.: Steffgen, Georges: Ferring, Dieter Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders May 2017, Vol.37, pp.61-72

Cortisol Awakening Response and Acute Stress Reactivity in First Nations People
Berger, M.: Leicht, A.: Slatcher, A.: Kraeuter, A. K.: Ketheesan, S.: Larkins, S.: Sarnyai, Z. Scientific Reports 2017, Vol.7

Depression-related difficulties disengaging from negative faces are associated with sustained attention to negative feedback during social evaluation and predict stress recovery
Sanchez, A. R., N.: De Raedt, R. PLoS ONE March 31, 2017, Vol.12(3)

Dose-related effects of delta-9-THC on emotional responses to acute psychosocial stress
Childs, E.: Lutz, J. A.: de Wit, H. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 1 August 2017, Vol.177, pp.136-144

Effect on HRV of archer athletes one day before competition after three different abdominal respiratory frequency
Zhang, K.: Wei, J.: Wang, L. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences December 2017, Vol.24(8), pp.1810-1814

Effects of Acute Stress on Decision Making
Wemm, S. E.: Wulfert, E. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback March, 2017, Vol.42(1), p.1(12)

Effects of Mental Stress Induction on Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Panic Disorder
Petrowski K, Wichmann S, Siepmann T, Wintermann G-B, Bornstein S R, Siepmann M Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback 2017, Vol.42(2), pp.85-94

Effects of Monochord Music on Heart Rate Variability and Self-Reports of Relaxation in Healthy Adults
Gäbel, C.: Garrido, N.: Koenig, J.: Hillecke, T. K.: Warth, M. Complementary medicine research 2017, Vol.24(2), pp.97-103

Effects of psychosocial stress on the goal-directed and habit memory systems during learning and later execution
Fournier, M.: d’Arripe- Longueville, Fabienne: Radel, Rémi Psychoneuroendocrinology March 2017, Vol.77, pp.275-283

Error consciousness predicts physiological response to an acute psychosocial stressor in men
Wu, J.: Sun, Xiaofang: Wang, Li: Zhang, Liang: Fernández, Guillén: Yao, Zhuxi Psychoneuroendocrinology September 2017, Vol.83, pp.84-90

High vagally mediated resting-state heart rate variability is associated with superior action cascading
Colzato, L. S.: Steenbergen, Laura Neuropsychologia November 2017, Vol.106, pp.1-6

High-Frequency Heart Rate Variability Reactivity and Trait Worry Interact to Predict the Development of Sleep Disturbances in Response to a Naturalistic Stressor
MacNeil S, Deschanes S S, Caldwell W, Brouillard M, Dang-Vu T-T, Gouin J-P  Annals of Behavioral Medicine 2017, Vol.51(6), pp.912-924

How stressful are economic competitions in the lab? An investigation with physiological measures
Buckert, M.: Schwieren, Christiane: Kudielka, Brigitte M.: Fiebach, Christian J. Journal of Economic Psychology October 2017, Vol.62, pp.231-245

Imitation under stress
Buckert, M.: Oechssler, Jörg: Schwieren, Christiane Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization July 2017, Vol.139, pp.252-266

Influence of Competitive-Anxiety on Heart Rate Variability in Swimmers
Fortes, L. S.: da Costa, B. D. V.: Paes, P. P.: do Nascimento Júnior, J. R.: Fiorese, L.: Ferreira, M. E. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 2017, Vol.16(4), p.498(7)

Is the link between depressed mood and heart rate variability explained by disinhibited eating and diet?
Young, H. A. C.: Alecia L.: Watkins, Heather T.: Benton, David Biological Psychology February 2017, Vol.123, pp.94-102

Measuring Affective Well-Being by the Combination of the Day Reconstruction Method and a Wearable Device: Case Study of an Aging and Depopulating Community in Japan,
Ishio J: Abe N Augmented Human Research 12/2017, Vol.2(1)

Post‐exercise recovery of contractile function and endurance in humans and mice is accelerated by heating and slowed by cooling skeletal muscle
Cheng, A. J.: Willis, S. J.: Zinner, C.: Chaillou, T.: Ivarsson, N.: Ørtenblad, N.: Lanner, J. T.: Holmberg, H.: Westerblad, H.  Journal of Physiology 15 December 2017, Vol.595(24), pp.7413-7426

Reduced Freezing in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Patients while Watching Affective Pictures
Fragkaki, I.: Roelofs, K.: Stins, J.: Jongedijk, R. A.: Hagenaars, M. A. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2017, Vol.8(MAR), 1664-0640

Risk preferences under acute stress
Cahli­kova J: Cingl L Experimental Economics 2017, Vol.20(1), pp.209-236

Stress vulnerability in male youth with Internet Gaming Disorder
Kaess, M.: Parzer, Peter: Mehl, Laura: Weil, Luisa: Strittmatter, Esther: Resch, Franz: Koenig, Julian Psychoneuroendocrinology March 2017, Vol.77, pp.244-251

Telemetry-derived heart rate variability responses to a physical stressor
Montaño, A.: Brown, F.: Credeur, D. P.: Williams, M. A.: Stoner, L. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging July 2017, Vol.37(4), pp.421-427

The effects of active recovery and carbohydrate intake on HRV during 48hours in athletes after a vigorous-intensity physical activity
Aras, D.: Karakoc, B.: Koz, M.: Bizati, O. Science & Sports Volume 32, Issue 5, October 2017, Pages 295-302

The influence of coping strategies and behavior on the physiological response to social stress in women: The role of age and menstrual cycle phase
Villada, C.: Espin, Laura: Hidalgo, Vanesa: Rubagotti, Sara: Sgoifo, Andrea: Salvador, Alicia Physiology & Behavior 1 March 2017, Vol.170, pp.37-46

The moderating influence of heart rate variability on stressor-elicited change in pupillary and attentional indices of emotional processing: An eye-Tracking study
Macatee, R. J.: Albanese, Brian J.: Schmidt, Norman B.: Cougle, Jesse R. Biological Psychology February 2017, Vol.123, pp.83-93

The Role of Baseline Vagal Tone in Dealing with a Stressor during Face to Face and Computer-Based Social Interactions
Rigoni, D.: Morganti, F.: Braibanti, P. Front Psychol. 2017; 8: 1986

The very low-frequency band of heart rate variability represents the slow recovery component after a mental stress task
Usui, H.: Nishida, Y. PLoS One. 2017; 12(8): e0182611

Toward Safer Highways: Predicting Driver Stress in Varying Conditions on Habitual Routes
Magana, V. C.: Munoz-Organero, M. IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine December 2017, Vol.12(4), pp.69-76

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