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The Finnish Research Impact Foundation (Vaikuttavuussäätiö) invests more than two million euros to support academia-industry collaboration - Polar is involved in projects

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation has awarded more than two million euros to research projects (call 2021) where universities and research institutes are working in close collaboration with industry partners. This was the second call under the Tandem Industry Academia funding programme, which is aimed at enhancing the impact of research through increased cooperation with industry partners.

Polar Electro is an industrial partner in two different funded projects. Another one is titled “Development of a Wearable Lab-in-a-watch Optical Sensor for Label-free and Real-time Monitoring of Sweat Glucoses on Human Skin” (call 2021). In this project total funding is 189 346 € and applicant for funding is University of Oulu. Another funded project is titled “Clinical Validation of Novel Sports and Diabetes Related Analytes Offer New Wearable Diagnostics Solutions” (call 2020). Funding total is 245 316 € and applicant also in this Oulu University. When successful, the new information of the projects will support in person-tailored wellness assessment and exercise and wellness guidance.

In projects funded under the Tandem Industry Academic model, academic researchers with a PhD will work for one year in the academic partner organization and another year more closely with the business partner.

More information on all the projects funded is available on the FRIF website:

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