Accessories for Polar CS500 Tour de France

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    • Kéo Power

      Kéo Power

      Polar and LOOK have merged their expertise to introduce the world’s first clipless pedals to measure cycling power output. Easy to attach to cranks, this set provides maximum accuracy and tr...

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    • CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. and Dual Lock Bike Mount set

      CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. and Dual Lock Bike Mount set

      The CS distance and speed meter W.I.N.D. and Dual Lock bike mount set includes an aerodynamic and light cycling speed sensor for wireless speed monitoring and a distance meter. The bike moun...

      49.90 EURMore
    • CS cadence sensor™ W.I.N.D.

      CS cadence sensor™ W.I.N.D.

      The most practical way of measuring your cycling session is with our advanced wireless cadence sensor. It measures your pedaling rate as revolutions per minute in real time and average time ...

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    Data transfer

    • DataLink


      It’s easy to transfer data between the training computer and Just plug your DataLink to a USB port on your Mac or PC and it detects your training computer in the ro...

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    Other accessories