I want to have access to Polar's general fitness and training data. Is this possible and how?

Polar is integrating into two main fitness platforms: Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. With the user’s permission, developers can easily get access to the user’s basic training data derived from Flow compatible products. Check the compatible products and transferred data from here. If the data available via Google Fit or Apple HealthKit doesn’t suit your purposes or if you prefer a direct data link, Polar Accesslink might be a better choice for you.

Is Polar AccessLink really free of charge, with no costs to companies or end users?

Yes, it is. Polar is offering AccessLink API completely free of charge to both companies and end users.

Polar AccessLink requests approval before use. Why is this necessary and how long does the approval process take?

As we can scale the support only to a limited number of partners through this API, we need to first approve the AccessLink requests before providing an access to the data. The approval process usually takes less than two weeks depending on the case. Once approved, we offer our partners API documentation, a sandbox testing environment and full B2B helpdesk support to ensure successful implementation.

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