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University of Oregon

University of Oregon Ducks uses Polar Team Pro to objectively measure athlete internal load and facilitate rehabilitation

Monitoring both the dose and response to training is crucial to understand the effects of training.

For us objective measures of the internal load on our athletes could only be delivered reliably across a range of our sports by Polar. This has allowed us to collect information on the different drills that make up practice to assess the response or cost of these on our athletes and feed this information back to the coaches to adjust the dose. This has also helped objectively inform our return to play rehabilitation protocols when different facets of practice and rehab occur concurrently or on different sites.

Polar’s move to using smart fabrics and integration of the monitor within a garment removes one barrier to use especially with some of our larger athletes who find the chest strap restrictive.

Andrew Murray
Director of Performance & Sport Science 
University of Oregon

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