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University of Connecticut

UConn Huskies use Polar Team Pro to monitor athlete training load and maximize performance

The combination of heart rate, GPS, and accelerometer in the Polar Team Pro now allows us to maximize the game performance of our athletes through monitoring both internal and external loads of training and games.

Measuring the number of sprints, distance in speed zones, accelerations and decelerations, we can accurately monitor and prescribe the volume and intensity of work for each individual athlete. This allows us to maximize our training and recovery strategies, decreasing the probability of time loss injuries and increasing our players’ physical capacities to perform at a maximal level.

The tablet platform allows immediate feedback and reporting, streamlining the process between data collection and action. The Polar Team Pro gives us a complete picture for player monitoring in a single, affordable system.

Chris West
Associate Head Coach Sports Performance, Director of Sport Science
University of Connecticut

Teams such as UConn Huskies, Oregon Ducks, Clemson Tigers and Princeton Tigers use Polar Team Pro. Want to join them and optimize your team's performance? Learn more.



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