Equipment Manufacturers


There are two main OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product categories available to manufacturers: the Polar Contact Heart Rate System and Polar Wireless Heart Rate System. Here’s what they do:

Polar Transmitters

  • Small, light and reliable, Polar transmitters detect heart rate ECG (electrocardiogram) accurately from your chest and transmit the information wirelessly to the Polar receiver
  • Powered by a 3V Lithium battery, it provides an average of 2500 hours of use, equivalent to 10 hours of weekly use over five years
  • The best solution available on the market for the majority of athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • All Polar OEM transmitters are sealed and 100% waterproof

Polar Receivers

  • The Polar receiver board wirelessly receives heart rate information from all Polar transmitters (coded and non-coded)
  • All receivers utilize low power technologies so they can be interfaced with all types of power supplies, including 3V battery operated equipment
  • Different packaging, interfacing and size options are available to accommodate application specific requirements

Polar Contact Heart Rate System

The Polar Contact Heart Rate (HR) System is a complete HR system for all applications where accurate and convenient heart rate measurement is needed. The Polar Contact HR System utilizes advanced digital technologies to obtain heart rate quickly and accurately from hand sensors and Polar transmitters. In addition, Polar’s exclusive and unique dual mode provides hands-free HR measurement through the wireless receiver integrated directly on the board.

Polar Wireless Systems

The Polar Wireless system consists of a Polar Heart Rate receiver and Polar Heart Rate transmitter. Together they allow seamless integration of heart rate technology into your training equipment. What’s more, both can be programmed to provide coded transmission/receiving which will eliminate crosstalk between heart rate devices when equipment is placed too close together.