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United States

Brenda Martinez

Professional Runner

In my quest to compete in Tokyo 2020, I needed to evaluate not only my training sessions but my recovery methods. My Polar allows me to better analyze my training results and reminds me during my recovery runs to ease up at times. I always knew the benefits of sleep to aid in recovery, but now I have comprehensive data and strive to improve my overall quality of sleep score. The morning Orthostatic Test results finishes the 24/7 ecosystem for training and the recovery process all athletes need. My favorite feature is the “tap” feature for recording splits, ideal for us track athletes!!



Running (800m-5000m)


August 9, 1987

Personal Bests:

1:57.91min (800m, Moscow Russia 2013)

2:38.48min (1,000m, Dubnica 2012)

4:00.94min (1,500m, Monaco DL 2013)

9:32.82min (2 mile, Drake Relays 2018)

15:35.65min (5,000m track, Fullerton, CA 2013)

15:24min (5,000m road, Carlsbad, CA, 2014)

Pre-race ritual:

I Watch “I love Lucy” shows the night before my race.

Proudest Sporting Moment:

Winning the first medal in history for Team USA in the 800 meters at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia.


Career highlights


IAAF World Championship 800m



Rio Olympics 1500m


IAAF World Indoor Championship 1500m

5th place


World Rank 800m

Ranked 3rd in the world


World Rank 800m

Ranked 4th in the world

IAAF World Championship 800m

2nd place

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