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Annie Thorisdottir

CrossFit World Champion & Fittest on Earth

I have been using HR data as a recovery gauge for the last 5 years. I do the same warmup every day so changes in how my body reacts to it will immediately tell me if I am overreaching or good to go. This has allowed me to adjust training volume and intensity to make sure I'm never digging a hole for myself, but rather keep on improving my capacity.


I grew up in the small town of Vik, Iceland, a town of only 300 people. I grew up doing gymnastics, athletics and dancing before finding my calling in CrossFit. I participated in my first CrossFit competition in 2009 and did not look back ever since.

I have been in my sport for more than 10 years now, pushing my body to the absolute limit almost every day. The nature of CrossFit means that I do a variety of different things such as running, rowing, cycling, but it also has me do weightlifting, plyometrics and many other activities. The high volume can be tough on the body and at a certain point, you can't just "do more" but you have to train smarter.




September 18, 1989

Proudest sporting moment:

Winning the world championship in CrossFit 2011 and the title "Fittest on Earth".


Career highlights


CrossFit Games

2nd place after recovering from a severe back injury in 2013


CrossFit Games

1st place, first woman to earn two world titles


CrossFit Games

1st place & Fittest on Earth title


CrossFit Games

2nd place

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