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United States

Madi Serpico


Fun fact:

When first started racing ITU at 16 yrs I was one of the slowest swimmers. I had a running background. I joined one of the best swim teams in Canada and swam with their younger squad. I swam up to 8 times a week for 3 months. Totally worth it and to get my World Cup standard to be able to race all over the world.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

I was racing Canadian Nationals feeling super fit and fast. I got kidney stones during the race. Quitting wasn't an option so I kept racing and on the run I was pretty much crawling. The only picture I have is me in the ambulance passing the stone. More painful than embarrassing I guess.

Proudest sport moment:

There have been many really awesome achievements over the last 10 years racing. I think my proudest has always been when young girls come up to me and that they got into triathlon because I inspired them. Or when they are wearing a Madifast Pants kit and they look fierce and proud.


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