Get Your Routes Online with CS600X, RS800CX

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CS600X and RS800CX users with GPS sensors can now track their training routes on a map at Now you can get a better understanding of your every session online when you can review your training data at any point of your route. All you need is to upgrade your WebLink software which is used to transfer data from Polar training computers to for further analysis and storage.

In addition to all the smart training features that guide you on your wrist or handlebar, you can get more out of your training at Besides knowing how hard you were pushing yourself at any point of your route, you can share your sessions online with your friends in Facebook and see your training load to help you plan your training forward. At, your training files will be available anywhere with internet connection.

By sharing your sessions to Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite social media services you can keep your friends posted on your activities and get tips and advice on how to further improve your training. And if you’re an athlete, this is an easy way to share your training data with your personal coach.

The Training Load feature at helps you find the perfect balance between rest and training. It shows you a clear illustration of your cumulative training load so that you know when you are recovered enough for your next session. By training smart with the help of Training Load guidance you can optimize your training intensity and recovery times to avoid over training.

If you’re not yet a member, sign up for free at and download the latest version of WebLink.