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Polar Electro Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation


Kempele, Finland 9th Feb, 2007
In 1977 Professor Seppo Säynäjäkangas founded a company to pioneer the development, manufacture and marketing of wireless heart rate monitors for sports professionals. Now, three decades later, Polar Electro celebrates its 30th anniversary as the brand of choice amongst the world's top athletes and is behind some of the greatest sporting achievements of our time.

Core to Polar's success is the combination of expertise in electronics, computer sciences and physiology with a deep understanding of customer needs. An unparalleled level of knowledge and experience, gained from 30 years of research and development, coupled with a steadfast determination to continually deliver the most advanced products makes the company truly unique.

The original idea came to Polar's founder in 1975 whilst cross-country skiing near his home in Kempele, Finland. A chance encounter with an old friend, who was working as a coach, led to a discussion over how to accurately measure athletes' heart rates during training. Professor Säynäjäkangas went on to change the way athletes trained forever, filing his first patent in 1979 and launching the world's first wireless heart rate monitor in 1982 - The Sport Tester PE2000.

From the very first day, Polar has remained true to its promise - To help people understand their bodies so they can achieve their desired fitness level, improve their sports performance and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Building on the founding innovation, the company has accrued hundred's of patents and has pioneered the use of heart rate variability measurement to determine fitness level, ideal training workload and training effect.

Today Polar provides the most comprehensive product range in the industry. From very basic models that give the inspiration, information and motivation to help people of all ages exercise for good health, right up to complete training solutions for world champions in all disciplines.

"We still believe as passionately in what we do as we did 30 years ago and remain committed to creating products that help our customers improve their health, fitness and performance." says Sari Säynäjäkangas, CEO & Vice Chairman - Polar Electro Oy. "As we look towards the next 30 years of the POLAR story we know that more and more people around the world will take a greater interest in their health and fitness. As the diversity of sports they participate in expands, then so too will the POLAR range. We will continue to pioneer new areas of technology to serve everyone's unique needs."

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