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Post-marathon recovery week 3

Train and maintain

Add structure to your training

Coach: Nick Anderson, Polar UK Head Coach

By week 3 your training can start to include some structure again.

Building a slightly longer weekend run 75-80 minutes entirely at a conversational pace and adding more quality sessions including interval and threshold running.

While your training volume should be lower than usual, concentrate on building up a solid routine of core strength and flexibility – a routine that you can maintain when your training volume increases again.

Athlete: Tish Jones, Team GB Runner

Running is super demanding for our bodies so your body may just need a helping hand after the build up and the race itself.

Treating soft tissues with sports massage is crucial for post-marathon recovery, but not such a bad idea to get a massage regularly to make sure your muscles and tendons remain supple and clear of waste products and fatigue.

Even the most experienced runners and pro athletes benefit from expert advice so I warmly recommend a post-race check and treatment by a physio or other professional after a marathon.

How to monitor?

Getting your post-marathon recovery runs right will be critical to the transition back into full training. For this, Running Power is a useful metric – not only for more effective training sessions, but also for better recovery runs. Muscle load is a key marker in recovery as well as performance/ fitness gains.

Try monitoring Running Power on your recovery runs to make sure your power/watts stay low and HR remains in zone 2 or 60-70% of max HR.

You may notice that on some days, even if your HR stays low, your watts may be high. As a result, despite training with a low HR, you may still feel tired the following day.

This suggests that even if you run with a low HR, but with high power (muscle load), the run may be too hard and delay true regeneration.

Polar Vantage V measures Running Power straight from the wrist, allowing you to adapt your runs not only based on HR but power, too.

Moreover, the Recovery Pro feature on Polar Vantage V helps you see how your body responds to training and whether you’re ready for more.

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