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Polar AXN300 And AXN500 Outdoor Computers Win a Honorary Mention in Fennia Prize 2005 Design Competition


Kempele, Finland, 21st Jan 2005

Polar Electro has been awarded the honorary mention of its outstanding design in Fennia Prize 2005 design competition. The prize was given by the jury consisting of Finland's leading experts in the fields of industry, design and the economy. According to the jury Polar AXN Outdoor Computers combine highlevel R&D, production and corporate image, as well innovative design knowhow. Polar AXN series' high-quality design follows the well known modern and sporty style of Polar: rounded shapes, distinct display and graphics, integrated wrist strap and also the integration of latest technology. Materials are high-quality and durable, such as titanium. New product development can be found in details and materials, which are even lighter without reserve to excellence. It was especially noticed by the jury that during the last years the market leader Polar has been a good example of a company, which utilizes design knowhow in its business activities in the creative way.

Design Forum Finland and the Fennia Group organize the Fennia Prize - Good design grows global competition biannually. Fennia Prize is the most appreciated prize in Finland. The purpose of the Fennia Prize is to support the manufacturing of high-standard products and to promote the competitiveness and internationalization of the industry. The objective is to present well-designed products and to encourage companies to apply design in a comprehensive and interactive manner in product development, manufacturing and the corporate image. The prize is awarded to a company for a product or series of products which are new, at most two years in production, and industrially and serially produced. The prize-winning products are presented to the public at the Fennia Prize exhibition in Helsinki right after publishing of the competition results.

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