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New Tour Tested Cycling Computers Combine Measurements from the Body, Bike and Environment


Kempele, Finland, 31st Aug 2006

Polar Electro, pioneer and leading innovator of sports instruments and heart rate monitors, today announced two new products for professional and elite cyclists: CS400 and CS600. Integrating Polar's leading-edge heart rate monitoring technology with a fully featured cycling computer, CS400 and CS600 deliver an unprecedented amount of data on body performance, cycling technique and the environment enabling optimal training and race performance.

4 years in development, both the CS400 and CS600 incorporate a comprehensive feature set combining measurements for time, speed, distance, altitude, inclination, cadence and power (CS600 w/power only) with ECG accurate heart rate measurements to provide the most complete overview of cycling performance. With the optional power sensor, CS600 will also calculate cycling efficiency by comparing overall energy consumption with power transfer to the bike.

"A heart rate and power based training program is essential for success" says Alejandro Valverde � ProTour Leader, Caisse d'Epargne-Iles Baléares "Polar's cycling computers provide us with accurate data in training and during races which we use to great effect."

Polar ProTrainer 5™ software for Windows® completes the system by enabling the easy preparation and analysis of detailed training programs on the PC. Presented in easy-to-read graphical form, simplifying both planning and analysis, training programs and recorded training data can be wirelessly transferred to or from the CS400 and CS600 ensuring training objectives stay on track.

"Relaxation rate is a critical piece of training information. With the R-R recording feature of the Polar CS600 and ProTrainer 5 we can measure the physical recovery of each rider, this enables us to accurately plan training and races." says Luca Guercilena Quickstep Energetic, Team Leader and Coach.

Joona Laukka, Cycling Segment Manager at Polar commented: "Polar's heart rate monitors have been in everyday use by top riders for many years. We designed the CS range of cycling computers from the ground up to deliver the ultimate training and race tool for the professional cyclist."

Six pro teams benefited from Polar CS series cycling computers throughout the demanding route of the 2006 Tour de France. Polar is the official supplier of heart rate monitors and cycling computers to Caisse d'Epargne-Iles Baléares, Euskadi-Euskaltel, Liquigas, Rabobank, Saunier Duval and T-Mobile.

In retail stores from January 2007, the CS600 is expected to retail for EUR379.90 and EUR629.90 with the power sensor. The power sensor can be purchased separately for EUR349.90. CS400 will be in stores in March 2007 with an expected retail price of EUR299.90.

    Key Features of the CS400 and CS600 Include:
  • Large customizable display showing 4 separate elements of information. Two timeline trend graphs can be displayed simultaneously providing �at-a-glance' feedback during exercise.

  • Hill-Winner function measures inclination in percentage or grades to enable optimal pacing and control.

  • Smooth and aerodynamic case design made from tough reinforced polycarbonates for maximum durability.

  • Measures energy consumption (kcal/h and kcal/km) for accurate diet planning to maintain optimal energy levels.

  • Polar OwnIndex™ Fitness Test calculates aerobic fitness (comparable to maximal oxygen uptake, VO2max) providing a reference to base training intensity and measure improvement.

  • Polar W.I.N.D transmission technology - 2.4 GHz coded transmission for disturbance-free connections from wireless speed, cadence and power sensors and WearLink heart rate transmitter (CS 600 only).

  • Polar OwnOptimizer™ shows the status of training load helping to find the perfect balance between training and recovery (CS 600 only).

  • Cycling Efficiency measurement gives real-time feedback on technique (CS600 only).

  • Relaxation Rate features measures recovery time enabling optimal training (CS600 only).

  • Optional wireless Power Unit measures absolute power transfer to the bike (CS600 only).

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