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New Colorful Polar Fitness Models Attract Especially Female Clients


Kempele, Finland, 21st Oct 2005

The global market leader in fitness heart rate monitoring shows again the way and renews the category to attract more and more active fitness enthusiasts. The extremely successful story of bold and coloured Polar fitness heart rate monitors launched in 2004 continues with new 2005 models. Now you can have them - the stunning models including new collection for the growing amount of female customers in heart rate monitoring! The appealing orange or shiny light blue blends in ladies fitness gear and stands out proudly in the crowd! And the trendy dark models are almost magnetic to both urban men and women.

The Polar F55 is your mobile companion to all fitness aspects and challenges. Hidden inside the slick casing is Polar Keeps U Fit™ Own Workout Program (creates a personal workout plan for your cardio training), Polar Body Workout program (gives you basic guidance for muscular strength training) and Polar OwnRelax™ (checks your body's state of relaxation).

The new Polar F55 model. Red Velvet, is a must-have for the gym or health club this season. The sleek and appealing one-piece design is boosted by a stunning red jelly colour with glittery design details, silver shiny buttons and thrilling velvet touch.

The unisex Polar F55 Bronze Rock and its slick black/grey casing with bold and shiny function buttons and a metallic screen frame, is another choice for ultimate urban fitness gear on your wrist!

The unique Polar F11 Orange Flash does not leave anyone cold! It includes all the heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking and fitness testing features you need to get the personalized knowledge and feedback that can make exercising and training more effective and more enjoyable! The same goes for F11 Blue Glow shiny light blue colour which goes nicely with trendy and sporty fitness gear.

Polar F6 Pink Coral, the flourishing jewelry-like heart rate monitor, is an ideal help for indoor cycling, aqua fitness training, jogging or Nordic walking. This model is also available in stylish Black Diamond version fitting perfectly to any stylish workout gear.

If you are looking for a basic fitness companion, the two Polar F4 models, Grey Shark and Black Thunder, are the best choice! The two easy-to-use Polar F4 models help you to maintain or build up your fitness level. They give you feedback on total training time and exercise intensity. And with the Polar OwnCal® inside they track your calorie consumption during workouts and summarize totals.

The recommended retail prices for new Polar 2005 models are:

Polar F55 Red Velvet/Bronze Rock 179.90Eur/199,99$

Polar F11 OrangeFlash/Blue Glow 139.90Eur/$139,99$

Polar F6 Pink Coral 99.90Eur/99,99$

Polar F4 Grey Shark/Black Thunder 79.90Eur/79,99$

Please check with your local retailers for availability dates in your respective markets.

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