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Monday, Janvier 4, 2010 web service has reached a very important milestone, one million registered users. Aimed for your training support, this web service has shown its vast and versatile capabilities and steadily adds new, useful functions with frequent upgrades. is a web service where you can interact with other sports enthusiasts. You can attend training challenges, get online tips for your workout and share your thoughts in the online community. At, you can keep your personal online training diary, transferring all your training files wirelessly in to this web service. Online training diary allows you to follow your improvement and analyze your training results with graphs. In addition, you can create personalized training programs to help and motivate you in your training. See demo here. With the Polar FlowLink data transfer unit, it’s effortless to transfer training data to your online training diary at FlowLink is included in the Polar FT80 product. FlowLink is also compatible with the Polar FT60, FT40, FT7 and RS300X training computers and can be purchased separately as an accessory. Welcome to take the next step in your training at

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