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PUMP! | 3 workout playlists to jumpstart 2017

February 3, 2017

January is over. Motivation is waning. Enter February – the month of hearts at the Polar Blog and around the world. We asked Polar ambassador Jax Pougnet for some fist-pumping, heart rate raising tunes to jumpstart 2017. She put together these three workout playlists – with different BPM songs to set the pace for your workout.

Workout playlist #1: Cool-down

How this playlist should make you feel: “Just Breathe.”

This workout playlist was created to help you bring your HR down from an intense workout, or simply made for an hour you want to dedicate to yourself. Very little words are included in order to help you focus on your breathing. This playlist is set to tracks with less than 120 BPM, which makes it the ultimate chill out, cool down, post workout, yoga, or stretch session set list. The choice entirely up to you. Happy Breathing <3

Workout playlist #2: HIIT

How this playlist should make you feel: “When you want to stop, you push harder.”

This playlist is intended to take your heart rate to a whole new level. Set to tracks with 128, 130+ BPM, people will have no other option but to bring absolute intensities. These playlists push me like no other during boxing, sprints and spinning. I would recommend it for any HIIT session. This playlist also has ‘breaks’ which allow you to breathe in between, but just as you think the tempo levels, you will be pushed even harder.

Workout playlist #3: Tempo

How this playlist should make you feel: “Time to travel.”

This playlist is all about getting into a good mood and keeping your HR up. If it’s running indoors or outdoors or completing a gym or at home circuit, this is the one. I’m all about training and getting lost in a world of endorphins, and this playlist does just that. Tracks are set at 128 BPM, which I find is the ultimate workout tempo, so you have no choice but to keep on going.

Happy traving (training and raving).