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What’s new with Polar M600?

November 23, 2016

There are some things in life that just seem to get better by the month. The Polar M600 sport-optimized smartwatch is one of those things. We’re always hard at work adding new features and listening to your feedback.

This article is meant for anyone interested in how the updates for Polar M600 work. For the absolutely latest updates, check our Polar M600 support pages.

Instructions related to updates and Polar M600

What’s new with Polar M600?

Here are the newest updates and feature additions to Polar M600, released after the launch. (Also known as what’s included in the Polar App 1.3 on iOS and Android).

  • Running Index
  • Manual laps
  • Training targets easier to use
  • Option to have the screen always on during a training session
  • Improved daily activity guidance
  • Option to skip phases when using a training target
  • Fat burn percentage of calories
  • Training Load

More info on each update in the Polar support updates.

How does Polar M600 keep getting better?

Polar M600 is slightly different from most Polar products because it runs on the Wear OS by Google™ smartwatch platform. When we talk about updates related to the Polar M600, they can be updates to:

  • The Wear OS by Google™system software (the operating system of Polar M600)
  • The Polar App within Polar M600
  • The Polar Flow app
  • The Polar Flow web service

What we focus on in this article is the second: the Polar App within the Polar M600.

What is the Polar App?

Your Polar M600 is a smartwatch. Smartwatches can run different apps, like the weather app, the calendar app or – in the case of the Polar M600 – the Polar App. The Polar App is what opens up when you press the front button on the Polar M600.

Polar M600

The waterproof Polar M600 is a Wear OS by Google™ smartwatch designed to suit an active lifestyle without compromises – a sports smartwatch from the smart sports watch people.

Starting from $299.95 / 299,90 €

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The Polar App is what you record your training sessions with or look at your daily activity stats with. The Polar App cannot be used on a computer or on a smartphone – that’s what Polar Flow is for. Polar Flow which is the online platform where you can see your training and activity stats – on mobile or on desktop.

Polar M600 with iOS and Android

Polar M600 works with both iPhones and Android phones. For differences, check this comparison table. How the updates work on each platform is a bit different. Here are the main differences:

Polar App with Android

We (Polar) can release updates to the Polar App whenever we publish a new version of the Polar Flow app. To get the new Polar App update, you just have to:

  1. Update the Polar Flow app on your phone

If you update the Wear OS by Google™ system software, follow these steps:

  1. Plug your Polar M600 into a charger
  2. Make sure Polar M600 is connected to your phone that is connect to the Internet
  3. Follow the instructions on the Polar M600

Polar App with iOS

We can only release updates to the Polar App when Google publishes a new software version of Wear OS by Google™

To get the new Polar App update, you have to:

  1. Plug your Polar M600 into a charger
  2. Make sure the latest version of the Wear OS by Google™ app is open on your iPhone
  3. Make sure Polar M600 is connected to your iPhone that is connect to the Internet
  4. Follow the instructions on the Polar M600

Here are the instructions for updating the Polar M600.

The latest news: Polar App 1.3 on both iOS and Android

As of November 2016, both iOS and Android users have the Polar App version number 1.3. It means that whichever phone you have, you have access to the same Polar App features. The update is rolling out to users in the coming days. If you don’t see it yet, stay calm and check back later.

For the most recent updates in the future, keep an eye on the Polar M600 support pages.