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What is a sports smartwatch? | Polar M600 explained with videos and emojis

What is a sports smartwatch and what can you do with one? Or as we’d say in emoji ⌚️👈⁉️.

We put together these seven videos to introduce some of the ways you can use the Polar M600 GPS sports smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google™.


2. 🎵👂💡

3. 📥 🏂📤

 4. 🎧 🚴 🎧 💦 🎧 🚴 🎧 🏁

5. 🔍🗺😎

6. ⏰

7. 👉🌂🤔👉🕶

Now you know! 💪

If you think Polar M600 could be the right sports smartwatch for you, take a closer look at the product in the official Polar webstore.

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