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Pro tips for Ironman Kona first-timers | Video

October 13, 2017

This is your chance. You’ve been training like mad for months, years, a decade. You’ve mastered the swim, you’ve perfected the bike and you’re ready for the run. You’ve done countless races, but nothing compares to this. You’ve made it to Ironman Kona – the biggest race of your life.

It’s the night before race day. You’ve done your prep, you have your gear set up, everything’s ready for the start line. Only one thing is missing – a few final words of encouragement. Here’s some last minute tips for Ironman Kona from Polar triathletes Tim Don, Sebastian Kienle and Kaisa Sali.

Unfortunate news: as you may have heard, Tim Don was involved in an accident in Ironman Kona yesterday. He’s OK, but ended up having to pull out of the race. All of us here at Polar wish Tim a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the game asap!