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Polar Unite Vs. Polar Ignite Which Fitness Watch is Right For Me?

If you’re looking for a fitness watch that is modern, has everything you need to improve your rest, recovery and fitness, and also looks great on your wrist – look no further as you’re very nearly there.

Both Polar Unite and Polar Ignite are driven by science and built on a basis of decades of research and pioneering knowledge on heart rate and physiology. This means that what they offer you is 100% reliable and based on science.

Now you only need to decide between the two beauties. So, what are the major differences between them? Which one would better suit your personal goals?

It’s best to answer these questions from the point of view of various needs that you may have for a fitness watch.

I want to keep an eye on my sleep. Which Fitness watch is best for Sleep Tracking?

Both Polar Unite and Polar Ignite have the Sleep Plus Stages™ sleep tracking and the Nightly Recharge™ recovery measurement, so essentially, they have the same sleep and recovery tracking features.

Polar Unite is slightly lighter than Polar Ignite and has no metal parts on the wristband – and behind the watch face, the only metal parts are the contact points for the charging dock.

If you have highly sensitive skin and you want to avoid metal parts as far as possible, the Polar Unite is probably the best choice for you.

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Which one of the two is better for outdoor workouts?

That depends on your personal preferences. If you don’t mind carrying your phone with you, Polar Unite is great for outdoor workouts as well. You’ll just need to pair it with the Polar Flow app in order to use GPS.

If you want to have the possibility of leaving your phone at home, then your choice is Polar Ignite as it has integrated GPS.

It’s good to know that integrated GPS always produces the best possible GPS tracking. The downside is that it uses the device’s battery, of course.

Which one of the watches has better battery life?

In everyday watch use with the continuous heart rate tracking functionality active, the battery life for Polar Ignite is up to five days and for Polar Unite it’s up to four days.

In training mode, the battery life for Polar Ignite is up to 17 hours when you’re using GPS and wrist-based heart rate. For Polar Unite the battery life is up to 50 hours when you’re using connected GPS and wrist-based heart rate.

While integrated GPS takes its toll on the device battery, you need to remember that integrated GPS is more precise. Plus, connected GPS in turn consumes the battery of your mobile phone.

Are both Polar Unite and Polar Ignite Fitness Watches Customizable?

Yes, you can customize both of them. There are multiple wristband options to choose from, including different materials and colors. It’s good to know that all Polar Unite and Polar Ignite wristbands suit both products.

The wristbands are standard 20mm size and super easy to change. You can also use any standard 20mm wristbands with both watches, but the best wrist-based heart rate measurement results we can only guarantee with original Polar wristbands.

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Polar Unite’s wristbands have a handy ‘snap & slip’ attachment, whereas Polar Ignite’s wristbands have the regular metal buckle. Polar Unite also has watch face color themes: you can change and mix the color of the watch face depending on your wristband color, or just because.

Are there any differences in the Design of Polar Unite and Polar Ignite?

One of the most apparent differences is that all the parts of Polar Unite’s case are high-quality glass-fiber polymer.

Polar Ignite’s case is made of the same material but its bezel is made of metal with color variants (silver, copper, rose gold, and black) available.

Polar Unite comes with snap & slip silicone wristbands that have no metal parts at all. Polar Ignite’s wristbands have the regular metal buckle.

Note: You can use Polar Ignite’s wristbands for Polar Unite and vice versa. They are both the standard 20mm size and have spring bars that make changing them quick and easy.

Which Fitness Watch Is Better For MArathon Training?

If it’s marathon that you have in mind, integrated GPS would be useful to you, and out of these two watches we’d recommend Polar Ignite. It also has the Running Index and Training Load features that are great for runners.

However, Polar Ignite is specifically a fitness watch. Since our product range includes watches that are particularly tailored for running, you should definitely check out Polar Vantage M and Polar Vantage V before making a final decision.

Both Polar Vantage M and V are great running watches that have everything you need to reach and exceed your PRs.

Which Watch Should I choose If MY Week includes One gym workout, Occasional jogging and One Bike Ride OR SPin CLass A week?

If indoor workouts are your main interest, Polar Unite has everything you need. Just use it with your phone to get you route, speed and distance on your jog or bike ride, if you want to get all the details tracked.

Which is better for Balancing Regular Training And life?

The one that better fits your budget and preferences regarding appearance. Feature wise, both watches have everything you need for 24/7 follow-up of sleep, recovery and training.

However, Polar Ignite is that one that has some more sport-specific features such as Running Index, swimming metrics and Training Load.

If you think there’s a chance that you might start running as your main exercise one of these days, then Polar Ignite could be the better choice for you.

The Essentials Wrap-Up

Finally, the essential differences between Polar Unite and Polar Ignite are:

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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