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The treasure hunt begins this Friday | #PolarM200

Yarr, have you ever seen a real treasure map?

Well, now you have. This Friday – February 24, 2017 – you have the chance to join a real-life treasure hunt. We have asked some of our Polar pirates to hide a precious piece of Polar booty, also known as the Polar M200 GPS running watch, somewhere in their city. On Friday, any time after 6 a.m. EST, they’ll post instructions on their social media of choice on how you can go find the Polar M200 they’ve hidden.

And in true pirate treasure hunt style, whoever finds the Polar M200 first gets to keep it. Read more in the Polar M200 treasure hunt page.

What should I do next?

  1. Find your nearest city on the treasure map
  2. Visit our treasure hunt site to see who has hidden the treasure in your city
  3. Follow them on their social media channels
  4. Wait for Friday and keep perfecting your pirate impression
  5. Solve the clue, snatch the treasure and celebrate
  6. Share your treasure hunt with #PolarM200: pics, video, live video… whatever fits your style.

What if someone else finds it before I do?

There’s no reason to despair. Keep an eye on the social media channel you got the treasure hunt instructions from. There’s always another way even if someone else was faster than you.

6 a.m EST? What time is that for me?

That’s 11 a.m. GMT, midday in the Central European Timezone and 7 p.m. in Singapore and Hong Kong.

There doesn’t seem to be a treasure hunt in my city/country. What can I do?

If the nearest treasure hunt is too far away, you can use this form to suggest a treasure hunt (we’re looking for people who would want to organize a treasure hunt) in your city at a later date. We have a limited amount of Polar booty to hide, but we promise to take all your suggestions into consideration.

What if two people find the watch at the same time?

We don’t want anyone to get hurt out there. Stay safe, don’t climb too high and remember that a good pirate always respects local laws (a true Polar pirate, at least). In the event that two people find the hidden Polar M200 at the same time, we suggest you settle it with a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Have fun and may the winds be favorable!

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