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Heart rate data from LES MILLS™ workouts | Infographic

August 30, 2018

What’s the first class that comes to mind when you think of Les Mills?

BODYPUMP, right? If so, that’s no surprise – after all, it’s by far the most popular LES MILLS workout.

That’s one fun fact we found out when we took a look at anonymized data from Polar LES MILLS sports profiles (okay, we weren’t exactly surprised by BODYPUMP’s popularity, but now our strong hunch is backed up by data). We crunched the numbers to find out what are the most popular LES MILLS workouts among Polar users and how diverse the classes are based on heart rate data, like average heart rates, max heart rates and time spent on different heart rate zones during LES MILLS workouts.

(This overview doesn’t describe what happens within an individual. The best way to evaluate the intensity of different workouts for you personally is to monitor your heart rate.)


You can monitor the intensity of your group fitness workouts (or any other workout, of course!) and set your personal goals with the Polar A370 fitness tracker. If you want to get an even deeper understanding of LES MILLS workouts specifically, check out the LES MILLS sport profiles available for Polar products.