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Get ready to unwind | Meet the Polar Unwinderator

November 3, 2017

The busiest time of the year is approaching quicker than you can say post workout recovery routine, and to many of us that means deadlines at work, party invitations, endless shopping lists and all kinds of holiday prep. And, as always, there’s plenty of running/cycling/HIIT to do.

The end-of-the-year rush may sometimes seem like a necessary evil, but should it be? What if this year could be different? Get ready – Polar officially pronounces this holiday season The Time to Unwind. We declare a war on holiday stress and urge people near and far to escape the hustle and bustle by making time for themselves. Take back the season, get out your calendar and mark down some time just for yourself.

So, once you have your me-time set aside, what should you do with it? When thinking of ways to spend those precious moments of relaxing and tuning out, it’s easy to rely on familiar routines. For many endorphine junkies, the ultimate winding down method is a trusty workout – a regular running route (at a regular pace in trusted running gear, of course), or a go-to gym routine (the one you’ve been doing for years).

These routines are invaluable when you’re short on time, but sometimes they can make you feel stuck. It can be really refreshing to mix things up and try something different every once in a while. For us at Polar, this is what the holiday season is all about this year.

May we introduce: the Polar Unwinderator.

Wait, what? What is that?

The Polar Unwinderator is a gateway to new ways of unwinding. It’s a simple web test that generates break activity ideas based on your preferences and the time you have to spare for your break.

Everyone has their own way of tuning out, relaxing and… well, unwinding. The Unwinderator is full of healthy and refreshing break activity ideas, ranging from a 5-minute instant rave to a morning yoga session or a trail run, not forgetting a bunch of quick, sweaty and fun workouts with our friends from Les Mills. Whatever your method of getting in the zone may be, the Unwinderator will find you a new way of taking a break.

Get ready to unwind

Make this holiday season all about unwinding – head out to the Unwinderator and find the perfect way to spend your me-time. You’ll also find out how to get your hands on our special holiday offer.

It’s time to unwind!