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Polar Open AccessLink

Open AccessLink

Open AccessLink is Polar’s proprietary application programming interface (API) that provides a direct information sharing link between the Polar ecosystem and your organization’s own data system.

Joining our efforts gives you unparalleled opportunities to build on the great Polar products and services.

Polar Open AccessLink

What Polar Open AccessLink offers

  • Quick and easy registration:
    Create your client quickly and easily with the admin wizard and start developing.

  • User data:
    Basic information about the user, such as height and weight.

  • A rich data set on training sessions and daily activity:
    Owned and controlled by Polar, Open AccessLink offers developers more specific data originating from Polar products.

Case studies

Working with Polar Open AccessLink

Polar Open AccessLink offers unique opportunities for organizations such as health insurance companies, fitness club chains, corporate wellness service providers and platform providers. Meet some of the organizations who use Polar Open AccessLink.

How to get started?

Step One

1. Log in with a Polar Flow account

Go to and log in using your Polar Flow credentials or create new Polar Flow account.

Step Two

2. Register your application

Fill in the application details.

Step Three

3. Save your clientID and secret

After your client is created, remember to write down the OAuth2 clientID and secret.

Step Four

4. Go!


More Information

Learn more about Polar Open AccessLink

Polar Open AccessLink

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