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Today is a good day to push yourself – and now you can do it with style. Create a look that matches your mood with the changeable wristbands of the A300.


Your A300 is equipped with profiles to help you follow your progress in your favorite sports. By choosing the right sport profile you can make sure the activity-based calorie calculation is more accurate in sports like cycling or strength training.

* requires H7 heart rate sensor
 Test your

Measure your aerobic fitness at rest in just five minutes with Polar Fitness Test. The test will tell you exactly what you need to know and by comparing the results over time you can see how your fitness is improving. The test is based on heart rate and heart rate variability at rest, plus your personal information.

* requires H7 heart rate sensor

The A300 will give you essential information during training. Check your current heart rate to make sure you are training at the right intensity, and get the results you are looking for. The technology for success is here – just add attitude!


Do you want to know if you’re burning fat or improving your fitness while training? The A300 tells you exactly that so you can be sure to hit your goal.

 your training

Sync your A300 with the Polar Flow app. Get an extra boost and revisit your highlights, personal notes and best workouts – all recorded in your training diary. The Training Benefit feature gives you detailed feedback on how the training session improved your health and fitness.


The A300 tracks your daily activity at different intensity levels 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check Polar Flow app on your smartphone to see how active you’ve been.


The A300 has the most accurate calorie counter on the market. It calculates your total calorie burn from daily activity and training based on your individual data.

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Use Polar Flow app to sync your burned calories from your A300 to MyFitnessPal app. Keep track of your eating habits and lead a healthy and active life.

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 Move to
 your beat
 with Polar
 Train better,
 listen to
 your heart

Get more out of your workout by understanding your body. Hook up your A300 with Polar H7 heart rate sensor and get your live, accurate heart rate displayed on your wrist.


At any moment instantly check your current heart rate measured by the Polar H7 heart rate sensor – and make sure you are training at the right intensity. Heart rate based calories let you know the precise impact of your training.

* requires H7 heart rate sensor

Low intensity training is good for burning fat, while high intensity improves fitness. Your heart rate tells you your training intensity and helps you achieve the desired effect.


Ever wonder how many calories you’ve burned during training? The A300 will take out the guesswork as it measures the calories accurately for you.

 the healthy

Exercising is important, but just as important is how you eat. It’s best to skip diets – and make healthy eating a consistent lifestyle.


Sync your A300 with the Polar Flow app and follow your progress from your smartphone. You can check your daily activity details conveniently on the go, and get feedback and motivation to stay in motion.

 A300 -
 It will
 get you

There is no winning without hard work. Take a step toward a healthier life. The A300 will guide you along the way, accompanying your every move.

 to move

Polar A300 alerts you if you have been sitting for too long. So when you receive an inactivity alert, you know it’s time to move. Make sure to get up occasionally – it’ll keep you energetic and healthy.

 Know what
 you eat

Now you can follow your daily eating habits easily with the help of meal tags. Just select meal stamp with your A300 and together with the Flow app you can record your meal routines and make notes about them. It’s easy to make the right changes for a healthier life.


Find out exactly how much you have been moving during the day. The number of steps is estimated based on the frequency, intensity and regularity of your wrist movements.

 your daily

Ever wonder how far you can go? When you wear the A300 on your wrist, you will also see the distance you’ve moved during the day based on your steps.


Decide your daily style and look – the A300 will match it with its changeable wristbands.

  • Best girls in town! Another fantastic day with you guys. Thanks. #friends #madetomove

The technology for a healthy life is here. The only thing you need is the attitude. Are you ready to make your move?


With the new A300, you will get your daily activity goal based on your lifestyle and background. It’s easy to follow how much you have been moving so far – and how much work is still left to do.


The A300 will help you look good and feel great. It’s lightweight and seamless in design, and it is available in six juicy colors: Powder White, Charcoal Black, Sorbet Pink, Mellow Yellow, Indigo Blue and Storm Grey.


With the A300 and Flow service, you learn to train right and challenge yourself. After every exercise, check your Flow app for motivating feedback that will make you sweat even harder next time.

 Like swimming?
 So does the A300

Whether your sport is surfing or swimming, the new A300 is the perfect partner for your exercise. Wear it everywhere and get all the benefits of smart analytics from your workout.


The best way to get motivated is to set goals. The daily activity goal is based on your physical settings and your typical day – and if your daily routines change, you can edit your settings easily.

 Soft on
 skin, hard
 on calories

The wristband feels comfortable and is easily changed. Get a wristband for different styles – and different moods. Or even reward yourself with a new color when you reach your next goal.


Create your very own training program in Polar Flow web service. Sync your training details and see your results. Learn from your achievements and see what they mean to you and your body.

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 to love

Your body and the A300. Exercising has never been so efficient and fun. Make your move.

 One goal–
 many ways
 to achieve it

Get an individual daily activity goal based on your personal information and background, and you’ll receive advice on ways to reach it. It’s like a personal trainer who never takes holidays.


The A300 comes in six colors. Whatever your daily style and mood, it will keep up with you. Are you ready to push yourself?

 the city

Functional training is an easy way to reach your goals – and get that extra boost from your day. With a bit of imagination, you’ll discover that the city is full of places where you can move. Take stairs instead of escalators in the subway station, or skip the bus and walk instead.

 Set goals-

The A300 displays your active time, calories, steps and distance. This means you will always know precisely how much work is still to be done. Stay active all day long and feel the energy.


When you reach your goal, you’ll get feedback based on your movements – you will automatically see the benefits of your activity. Check your daily activity status from your A300, Polar Flow app or web service.


Polar A300 tracks your daily activities at five intensity levels. The total active time tells you the cumulative time of body movements that are good for your body and health. Besides the important and interesting details you get about your physical activity, you can also see the inactive periods and when you've been sitting for too long.


Find out how your choices during the day help you to stay healthy. Your A300 will reward you when you've done enough and encourage you to move if there's still something to do. You’ll also get daily, weekly and monthly feedback. Check your progress easily from your smartphone or the web.

 your sleep

Sleeping is when your muscles can rest and grow. Now you can follow exactly how much – and how restfully – you’re sleeping. Just wear your A300 to bed, and it’ll automatically detect when you start sleeping.

 did you

You can easily see how restful your sleep was. The periods when you sleep peacefully and don’t move are calculated as restful sleep. Moving and changing your position is calculated as restless sleep.


A gentle vibration will silently wake you up. Are you ready for another fun and active day with the A300?


The A300 has a powerful, rechargeable battery which will last up to four weeks. Charging is really easy: you just plug your device to a USB port, and that’s it.