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Polar Flow for Club is a tablet-based app that brings gripping group exercises to fitness clubs. When everyone sees their heart rates on screen, it inspires and guides them towards achieving individual training targets together.

Find out what this unique fitness solution can do for you whether you’re a club owner, instructor, personal trainer or a member of a fitness club.

With one single app, you can schedule classes, manage sensors and assign instructors. When your club has something unique to offer like this, it’s a fun and exciting place for new and existing customers. There will also be a greater demand for heart rate monitors and other services that you can sell at your club.

Getting started with Polar Flow for Club

How to get started with Polar Flow for Club

  1. Register for a Polar account here.
  2. Download the Flow for Club app on the App Store.
  3. Add the club and instructor's details.
  4. Create classes.
  5. Assign instructors to classes.
  6. Make sure your club members have H7 heart rate sensors to be able to attend the classes.
  7. Get the classes going!

When you see your class members’ heart rates on screen, it takes the guess-work out of how everyone’s doing and if they’re keeping up with you. With real-time feedback on the intensity of your class, you can follow everyone’s progress and guide them in the right direction.

Instructor during class

How to run classes with Polar Flow for Club

  1. Start the class on your iPad.
  2. Follow the club members' training with the app during the class.
  3. Guide the members based on the live heart rates you see on screen.

Ever wondered if your training is as efficient as you’d like it to be? Reaching your workout targets has never been this easy: when you see the heart rate zone you should be aiming at and get immediate guidance from the instructor all along the way, you know you’re on track.

Polar Flow for Club in action

How Polar Flow for Club works in class

  1. Buy a Polar H7 heart rate sensor, or borrow one from your club.
  2. Sign in to the class at your club.
  3. See your heart rate on screen and your instructor guides you forward.
  4. Track your progress in the Polar Flow web service.

Bring the energy of heart rate training to your club

What you need

Apple iPad and Polar H7 heart rate sensor

All you need is an iPad Air (5th generation or above) that you can connect to a projector, a registered Polar Flow for Club app and H7 heart rate sensors for the class members to make sure everyone gets to see their live heart rate on the screen.


Share the joy of
 reaching goals together

How it works

1. Sign in to class

The club members wear their own H7 heart rate sensor or borrow/buy one from the club.

They can sign in using their Polar Flow username and password – it's quick and easy to do on their own.

Everyone joining the class gets a free Polar Flow web service account where they can follow their progress.

2. Hit the zones together

The club members wearing an H7 see their live heart rate on screen. They will learn about the five heart rate zones and how important it is to exercise at different heart rate intensities – it’s the best way to improve.

Once everyone’s in the same zone, it’s Zone Time! And time for trophies, which appear on screen as animated rewards. Seeing their achievement makes the whole group strive harder.

The instructor tells the group which zone they should be aiming at and why. They can see who's keeping up with them and steer the group to the right direction.

3. Get rewards

At the end of the class, the group sees a summary of how they did: Who’s the zone master? Or the cool-down champion? Did you find your zone mate?

Polar Flow for Club summary

The training session is also stored on Polar Flow, where members can have a closer look at what they’ve accomplished and how they’re progressing.

Polar Flow for Club training data in Polar Flow web service

Happy, healthy, hooked


Get Polar Flow for Club for your business' use

1. Download Polar Flow for Club app for iPad from the App Store:

Polar Flow for Club

2. Give us a couple of details below and we'll get back to you with your account information.

Please note: Although using the beta version of the Polar Flow for Club app is free, there may be other paid services required to launch the program in your club. You will also need to purchase Polar H7 heart rate sensors for your club members. Once the commercial version of Polar Flow for Club is available, you can continue to use the service for a monthly fee.

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